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The SidebySide Partnership

The SidebySide Partnership


The SidebySide Partnership (SBS) is a London venture capital firm, designed to support 'scale-up' technology businesses through the launch of their EIS fund, The SBS Later Stage EIS Fund. 

The SidebySide Later Stage EIS Fund specialises in taking proven high-potential companies, already with multi million pounds in revenues, and developing them into successful commercial businesses.

"Our firm is run by ex-entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are not finance people, instead we are all operators and our aim is to grow commercial businesses"

John Bailye - Founder and Managing Director, The SidebySide Partnership

Investment focus

The Fund will invest in successful later stage EIS post scale up companies with an established customer base and revenue, led by driven teams who dream big. They are usually utilising technology to either disrupt an existing market or create a new market. SBS will support them with the richness of previous operating experience to guide the management teams through these significant challenges.

Key team members

John Bailye - Founder and Managing Director

An Australian, who moved to the United States in 1987, John co-founded and assembled a team that grew a start-up to a billion dollars in market cap (formerly on Nasdaq: DRTE) with nearly 3,000 employees. He sponsored and co-founded the New Jersey Technology Council, now with circa 1,500 entrepreneurs as members, which is aimed at creating an exchange for entrepreneurs’ experiences and ideas. 

John has personally been investing in early stage companies for many years.

Sheli Gupta - Portfolio Company Mentor

Sheli is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for taking ideas and bringing them to life, with a focus on software. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of seven learning the whole lifecycle of door hinge manufacturing in the family business in Nairobi, Kenya, followed by selling school punishment lines at boarding school in the U.K., and ultimately starting, growing, and selling a number of software companies in the USA. 

Sheli will be working with the SidebySide Partnerships Portfolio Companies and mentoring them as they grow.

Ben Ashworth - Portfolio Manager

Ben joined the SidebySide Partnership in a series of roles that have taken him from the critical assessment of possible Investee Companies to the breadth and depth of the private capital due diligence process and the management of portfolio companies.

Ben is usually the main contact for all Investee Companies and is commonly at business functions introducing the SidebySide Partnership to Investors and potential Investee Companies.  

Investment opportunities

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