At Rockpool, we believe that private companies offer investors great value, potential for enhanced returns and diversification for traditional investment portfolios. Powerful tax reliefs for estate and tax planning are also key benefits. Our mission is to help investors invest directly in private companies without the need to do all the hard work themselves or to rely on the limited information offered by crowdfunding sites.

Our service offers the professionalism of a traditional private equity firm with the flexibility to choose the companies you want to invest in.  

Since 2011 we have invested over £400m into a diverse range of private companies. We offer equity and loan investment and combine these with tax reliefs where possible.

We invest in development capital, management buy-out and equity release opportunities across all sectors. Many of our investment opportunities target growth across both loans and equity.

Rockpool's approach has won enthusiastic support from investors, financial advisers and wealth managers, with more than 200 firms approving our services in the last 4 years and over 3,500 individuals having invested through Rockpool.

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