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Love Ventures is an EIS fund manager, investing in early-stage companies which are leveraging technology in a post-Covid world to accelerate their growth. We’re looking to partner with exceptional founders in the FinTech, PropTech and ConsumerTech sectors. 

"There has never been a better time to be an early-stage investor."

Jeff Kelisky, CEO, Seedrs

Investment focus

There is a strong ‘why now’ case for investing in the technology sector. We feel that the UK has one of of the best environments for start-ups and early-stage companies. Many were already flourishing before the Covid pandemic but disruption has been global and touched all industries. Companies which have been able to adapt quickly and embrace technological change are thriving. We are interested in the technologies driving these changes.

We like ‘mega-trends’, one example being the move from a cash to a cashless society. This move was already under way but the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Another trend is the advance of Open Banking and the ability of financial apps and businesses to link up with each other, promoting increased collaboration and efficiency. 

We believe the Fund offers a unique opportunity to gain access to these fast growing companies. Our team is laser-focussed on finding these opportunities, often off-market, and uncovering the next gems of tomorrow. We have a strong background of identifying visionary founders and helping bring them from seed stage up to Series A. This is an identified funding gap in the UK market where we can add value and assist companies with their growth up to Series A and beyond.

Key team members

Marcus Love

Marcus has over 15 years of experience as a FCA approved financial professional. He worked in IT consultancy for over 9 years in Paris. He then worked with William O'Neil +Co in London for 8 years in equity research sales. During this period he specialised in identifying growth companies globally, built an angel syndicate and co-founded Love Property.

Adrian Love

Adrian is a Chartered Surveyor and investment professional. He worked at flexible workspace specialist The Instant Group during its acquisition by MML Capital. He now works part-time at Dorrington PLC, a £1.4b private investment company, where he is an asset manager of a £200m residential portfolio. During this period he also co-founded Love Property and recently led PropTech company Deepfinity's seed funding round where he is a Board Observer.

James Pringle

James is a technology entrepreneur and venture scout. James sold video and machine learning technology startup Suggestv in 2019 after raising over £1.2m from angels and VCs. He now operates Pringle Capital, one of the UK's largest angel networks. James is a Seedcamp alumnus from his time as an employee of MatchChat and seasoned VC scout.

Investment opportunities

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Example portfolio companies

Coconut is building the ‘tech company for self-employed people’ starting with their smart accountancy and banking product. An ex-accountant himself, founder Sam O'Connor believes self-employment is a revolution, fueled by passion and built on tech. Coconut wants to make self-employment easier than being employed. 

It's already a huge market; the earnings of self-employed people in the UK and the US were over 2.23 Trillion in 2019. And it's still growing; by 2025 its estimated that 50% of workers in developed nations will be full time or part time self-employed.

Coconut has already made significant progress toward achieving thier stated ambitions: 

- Profitable unit economics in 2020 across SaaS, Marketplace and Transaction revenues

- 30,000 monthly active users

- 2,000 accountants registered

Aprao provide next generation financial modelling for the property world. The real estate sector is the largest global industry, yet has been one of the slowest to adapt to the use of technology. This has been driven by a demographic in the Commercial Real Estate sector which has capitalised on low levels of transparency and ring-fenced data. For instance, 9% of US real estate professionals still use paper for their real estate financial modelling. Aprao's technology is a force for change in all of that. The ratio of development sites reviewed to the number actually developed is 60:1. The result is a massive amount of abortive work, which Aprao reduces by 85%. As at the end of June annual recurring revenues were up to £131k with 90 paying business customers. 

Investments offered

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