WestBridge Fund Managers Ltd

WestBridge Fund Managers Ltd


Supported by institutional investors including the South Yorkshire Pension Fund and European Investment Fund, we have the management skills and financial experience to propel investee businesses towards the realisation of their full potential.

We make investments of between £5 milion to £15 million in profitable, successful and fast growing companies, irrespective of sector. Typically, these companies will have enterprise values of between £10 million and £25 million.

Our partners have a top decile investment track record.

We work closely with the entrepreneurs and managers who run the businesses we support, and channel our collective expertise, experience and connections into helping them achieve growth. So creating value for all shareholders.

We typically look to hold our interest in companies for between three and five years. However, the overriding consideration is to seek an exit when it is right for the business and its shareholders.

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WestBridge Fund Managers Ltd

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