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Our purpose is to back ambitious founders that are challenging and changing the way that big business works.

We combine capital, connections and commercial savvy to transform technical prowess into scalable companies. We care about product market fit, we see real customer traction as the best possible foundation for creating a long-term sustainable business.

SuperSeed was created through a combination of three seasoned and exited entrepreneurs who have a combined 60 years industry experience between them. 

With poor distribution being the number 1 killer of startups, sales is existential to a company's success so sales is a core focus of the investment thesis. SuperSeed aims to find and back companies solving real world problems that have proven product market fit and to help those companies scale post investment.

"SuperSeed helps us see around corners and having a partner who is built for SaaS founders is huge! From leading our investment round to accelerating our sales, SuperSeed has been paramount in ThingTrax's success."

Aman Gupta - Founder/CEO, ThingTrax

Investment focus

Our Focus: B2B, SaaS and AI

We focus exclusively on B2B, and like working with companies that use AI to tackle technically complex problems. We think we can provide the best support in domains we know well, and historically B2B, SaaS and AI have been our core areas. When we give you advice as investors, it’s not just founded on ideas of what might work. We have quite possibly been in your situation ourselves (and have scars to prove it), and we look to share our experience with you to help you avoid the worst pitfalls, save some time and get you more quickly to the next company milestone.

How we are different:

As experienced software entrepreneurs, we look to support and work with your team to refine your product, model and proposition while we open doors for sales & distribution.

We can help increase the chance of success by accelerating you towards your next valuation milestone. This helps de-risking your journey to Series A and scale-up.


Key team members

Mads Jensen​ - Managing Partner​

Mads is a successful entrepreneur and passionate technologist (having authored multiple US patents) who has worked for 2 decades building and growing tech businesses. At SuperSeed he helps ambitious technical founders build great companies from the early stages. Prior to SuperSeed, Mads was an entrepreneur, taking Sefaira (a SaaS company) from inception in 2009 to exit in 2016. Before that he was a business executive at IBM.

Dan Bowyer​ - Partner​

Dan has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, having built and exited 2 startups and angel invested in many more. He’s most passionate about connecting people, product and process, creating something from nothing. ​At SuperSeed Dan looks after partnerships and portfolio companies, alongside new and existing investments. ​

Chris Boud​ - Head of Sales​

Chris has more than 12 year experience in B2B sales spanning both corporate banking for HSBC and the tech start-up world with businesses such as Gett. He has closed deals with clients like WPP, Aviva, A.T. Kearney, the Guardian and Savills. At SuperSeed Chris works with our portfolio companies to build a profitable, repeatable and scalable sales models.​

Investment opportunities

SuperSeed Ventures

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Example portfolio companies

Grakn -

Grakn is the ultimate graph database and query language, designed to handle the massive and complex relationships of the AI age.

Kluster -

Kluster provides an AI driven SaaS platform that helps sales managers optimise their sales forecasts and maximise their sales results for the upcoming quarter.

MetadataWorks -

MetadataWorks helps medical researchers reduce the time spent searching for and cleaning data, so they can increase the time spent on value-add research.

Scribless -

Scribeless has developed the ultimate handwriting AI that can turn any Word document into a beautiful, hand-written letter.

SeeQuestor -

SeeQuestor is a global leader in computer vision, using cutting edge real-time video analysis and AI to support anti-terror and general law enforcement activities.

SuccessData -

SuccessData offers corporates a powerful way to identify and activate their dark data, turning unstructured documents into structured data.

ThingTrax -

ThingTrax is the chromecast for manufacturing, turning any legacy manufacturing plant into a modern plant with AI for increasing production efficiency.

Investments offered

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