OnePlanetCapital is a fund focused on climate change and environmental impact. The fund aims to deliver strong commercial returns together with impact.

We are an investment manager for the future with a firm hand on the earth’s resources. With industry professionals from environmental sciences, engineering and technology and access to an unparalleled pipeline of early stage and scale up businesses we are tapping into the huge potential of the green industrial revolution.

"Get involved, make a difference, invest in growth. We only have one planet."

Investment focus

The fund will develop a portfolio of unquoted investments in UK based sustainable companies with the aim to deliver strong commercial returns through capital appreciation. The fund will invest in businesses with revenues looking to scale up over a 5 year period. The investment consultant will work closely with each business to make sure that key performance indicators are achieved and will spend significant amounts of time assessing whether business goals are achievable. 

Key team members

Ed Stevens - Director

Ed has founded and exited two media & technology businesses. He currently sits on the board and is a director of two media technology business and is an NED to a marketing services company. Ed is a passionate angel investor and has been investing in the green space for a number of years.

Matt Jellicoe - Director

After a corporate career in public companies, Matthew founded and successfully exited two technology businesses in 2012 and 2018 respectively. He has been an active technology investor since 2012 and serves as a Non-Executive Director for two technology businesses. In more recent years he has specialised in sustainable investments.

Matthew holds an Executive MBA from London Business school. 

Tony Flanagan - Founder & Principal (Wilton Group)

Tony is the founder and principal of Wilton Group – a leading financial  adviser company. Tony was company secretary and adviser to the board of Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc, a UK AIM listed company for 14 years.  Tony also advised the board of OPG Power Ventures Plc in respect of their admission to London’s AIM market.

Investment opportunities

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Example portfolio companies

The OnePlanetCapital EIS team has a strong track record investing in EIS companies in sectors such as green technology, technology, fintech and broader business to consumer. Below are some examples of previous investments of the team: 

Thrift + (B2C sustainability)

Second-hand clothes reseller. The clothing industry accounts for 10% of global emissions.17 The second-hand clothes market is growing exponentially. In 2019 the global market was valued at $28billion USD it is forecast to be worth $51 billion USD by 2023. Companies in this space such as the have valuations in excess of $1 billion USD. VC backed (Triple Point and Fuel Ventures).

Rootwave (Agricultural technology)

A sustainable and organic alternative to the $30bn herbicide market.18 Patented technology that uses electricity to kill weeds. Mass produced herbicides such as RoundUp are being legally challenged and banned in many markets. Invested in 2019. Rootwave has since gone on to attract €6.5m of Series A venture capital.

Storm Harvester (Environmental clean tech)

Climate change is creating huge problems with flooding and water management. This technology has global applications and allows smart management of rainwater harvesting, management of reservoirs and wastewater systems that allow Storm Harvester to improve water storage or to reduce flooding and sewerage overflow. After initially seeking £500-£700k of investment, the company ended up closing £1.63m of investment in June 2020.

Andersen EV (Transport)

The company installs high end EV chargers and has preferred supplier agreements with companies such as Porsche in the UK. Andersen EV continues to out-perform all sales targets and has recently attracted venture capital from Mobeus Equity Partners.

Investments offered

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