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Nova Growth Capital Limited

Nova Growth Capital Limited


At Nova, we believe that investing into a fund can be done differently. Our approach affords the investor access to tech enabled, growth-focused businesses at the earliest stage of a company life cycle, all whilst aiming to reduce the risks associated with investing in start-ups. We do this by aiming to reduce the 5 most common start-up mistakes. Our truly proprietary deal flow is provided by our cofoundery business, helping founders solve real problems felt by sizeable markets. Our cofoundery employs over 100 people to consult, build and grow our portfolio companies, applying investors’ capital into an operating model rather than an investment model. The result: our portfolio value has grown in excess of 80% year on year for 10 years.

"We find Nova’s approach to start-up tech investing both novel and sophisticated. "

MJ Hudson

Investment focus

We invest in growth-focused, technology startups typically at a much earlier stage than other investors, often pre-revenue and even pre-product. This allows us to buy incredibly well and also allows us to manage start-up risk, through our sister company's 100+ employees, methodologies and process. 

We strongly believe that the startups we back are focused on solving real-world, validated, problems. We look for strong evidence that founders have uncovered a problem space that affects a lot of people, and that those people feel strongly enough about it that they will pay for a solution. Our founders are usually sector experts with many years of experience.

Investment opportunities

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Technology (Software)
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Example portfolio companies

Bitbaby -

Empowering and reassuring expectant parents to enjoy their pregnancy experience, with the knowledge that their baby is moving.

Aquarate -

AQI Fluid intake monitoring system preventing illness and reducing lives lost due to hydration related illnesses.

Kalgera -

Protecting your loved ones’ finances, minimising financial scams and improving money management for vulnerable people and their carers.

Menu Guru -

Making eating out easy, accessible and painless for the growing population of food allergy and intolerance sufferers.