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Newable Ventures Limited


Newable Ventures (formerly London Business Angels) has developed a deep ecosystem for investing in knowledge intensive companies in Deep Tech, Med Tech, AI, Space, Robotics and 4IR. Our deal flow partnerships and internal referrals give us access to 1,500 companies annually.  We have an established network of investment partners who co-invest alongside us. Investment risk is partly mitigated through our selection methodology and due diligence processes, and by looking to leverage the HMRC’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax incentives. Investee companies enjoy access to a full range of Newable’s platform of business support services and products.

Invest in our Evergreen Fund

We provide investors with exposure to knowledge intensive companies at the scale-up stage, without the need to stock-pick or commit management time. Our EIS Scale-Up fund is an Evergreen Fund. There is no termination date and subscriptions are open all year round. The capital is deployed over 12-18 months  per subscription. and our targeted return is 20% IRR / 3x capital. (Capital at risk, please refer to risk warnings below.)

Our Values 

Newable is a values-driven business. Our values were defined as a result of a company-wide engagement process. Together, our values help foster a culture that generates business confidence

Key team members

Hitesh Thakrar - Chairman

Venture Partner at Syncona Europe’s largest life science Fund and on the Board of Alan Turing Institute, UK data science and AI institute. Previously top rated Innovation Fund Manager in global equities for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and New Star Asset Management. Degree in Chemistry, King’s College, London, MBA Cranfield and CFA Charterholder. Innovation fellow at Cambridge University.

Alex Sleigh - Investment Director

Responsible for overseeing investments across the Fund, having been involved in over 60 Investments since joining in 2011 . MA (Hons) in Economics and Modern History from University of St. Andrews and Masters in General Management from Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School, Belgium. ‘Investor in Residence’ at King’s College, London.

Michael Walsh - Managing Director and Newable CFO

Mike provides strategic financial support across the business and previously managed over £300m of VC investment funds. Mike has worked for some 30 years in financial services and qualified as a CA from PWC.

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Example portfolio companies


Atelerix is a spin out from the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University. Atelerix has developed a transformative technology for the storage and transport of viable cells at room temperature. This overcomes the barriers and limitations presented by the current need for cryo-shipping.  Atelerix does this by using patented process of encapsulating the cells in a natural hydrogel for safe shipment and storage. The cells can be recovered when needed by the addition of a gentle, cell-friendly buffer. This means that the cells retain their natural states and are not damaged or altered.

The company’s products are actively being used by a number of early adopter customers and this funding round will enable the company to grow core resources and accelerate revenue growth


Cognism uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich CRM records, identify customer trends and stream leads into the funnel. With the implementation of GDPR, the need for marketeers to become ever more targeted in their approaches is acute. Cognism’s products provides marketeers with a reliable , dynamic and highly targeted solution which has proven to enhance lead generation activities across a multitude of clients. The company’s revenue growth has been exponential.

Echion Technologies

A Cambridge-based spinout company from the University of Cambridge specialising in Next Generation battery technology. Lithium-ion  batteries are ubiquitous but remain a critical bottleneck for the sustainable electrification of a number of applications, including electric vehicles.  The current generation of Lithium-ion batteries are severely limited in how fast they can charge due to safety risks, the amount of energy they can hold, and their high cost. We aim to lift these limitations. Using our patented technologies to drive the global electrification movement across the supply chain.

Echion Technologies is developing a portfolio of advanced battery active materials, a key battery component with a major impact on battery performance. We are engaging with chemicals and battery cell manufacturers to integrate our materials solutions into their next-generation products.


Inductosense technology can be used for monitoring corrosion, erosion or defects within structures without human error reducing the time and costs associated with testing. The company is targeting the significant and growing $15BN Non Destructive Testing Market. The company’s technology reduces the time and cost associated with monitoring structures.

Inductosense products can be used for monitoring of internal corrosion / erosion of structures covering Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Mining and Renewables applications. We are also developing the technology to monitor various defects in composite structures.

The technology consists of 3 components; (i) battery-free, RFID tagged, wireless ultrasonic sensors designed to be permanently installed onto a structure (ii) the WAND data collector to wirelessly activate and acquire the signal from the sensors (iii) the IDM software for data management/analysis and configuration of the WAND Data Collector.

The core technology is protected by granted patents and initial customers include some of the biggest blue chip players in the oil and gas sector. This round of funding is focussed on scaling up business development activities with a view to becoming cash generative. 


Rezatec provides Big Data geoanalytics that produces landscape intelligence for the management of land. Rezatec applies data science to satellite imagery and geospatial data to deliver sophisticated, cloud-based analytics to customers owning and operating high value, distributed land-based assets. Its data services enable improved margins, enhanced competitive advantage and optimised asset management for its customers who are leaders in their respective industries in the water, agriculture, infrastructure and forestry sectors.

Rezatec is a market leader in the provision of big data geoanalytics which leverage propreitary algorithims and machine learning techniques to deliver commercial insights for customs.

The company, based at the Harwell science and innovation campus and having been strongly supported by the European Space Agency, sells into some of the biggest forestry, infrastructure and water companies across the world.

The Electrospinning Company

The Electrospinning Company was established in 2010 as a spin-out by the UK Science and Technology Research Council (STFC) and is based on the growing Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, near Oxford.

They have developed the expert know-how to design, develop and manufacture materials for use in regenerative medicine which seeks to replace or repair damaged or diseased cells or tissues or to simulate the body’s own repair mechanisms.

The company is already manufacturing and supplying materials for use in an FDA approved medical device. This round of funding, which is coupled with an Innovate UK loan, will provide the company with the platform to on board a number of further tier 1 manufacturing clients.

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