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Haatch was founded by Scott Weavers-Wright, Elaine Weavers-Wright and Fred Soneya in September 2013. We invest in disruptive early-stage and growth technology companies under the Haatch Angel brand and our SEIS and EIS fund Haatch Ventures.

We look for founders that can exhibit highly scalable and disruptive models for growth and require investment to scale to Series A and beyond.

Alongside much-needed cash we also provide something, even more, important – experienced support, advice and network opportunities to maximise the chances of success.

And who are we?

In short, we’re a team of hands-on value creators. We have been there. Built scaled companies of our own and sold them. We use that knowledge, experience and network to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies, helping those that partner with us to avoid the challenges of early-stage growth.

Our SEIS & EIS fund Haatch Ventures enables investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology, whilst taking advantage of significant tax reliefs under the SEIS & EIS scheme.

"We’re a team of restless hands-on value creators. We have been there. Built scaled companies of our own and sold them."

Scott Weavers-Wright - 2 Exits Worth $150m+, Haatch Ventures

Investment focus

With the rise of gig-economy and on-demand enabled consumers, you will see this reflected in Haatch’s existing portfolio from Marvel, which breaks down barriers in the digital design community to enable anyone to design, to Buymie, which provides one-hour grocery delivery to consumers across Ireland and the UK from May 2020. B2B SaaS and pro-consumer tech also continue to drive significant growth with the number of corporate acquisitions growing year-over-year and this is reflected across the Haatch portfolio with Veritonic, Scurri, Elevaate (now exited) and Iterate.ai. 

Moving forward the focus will continue to be on well-known markets in addition to making investments in new markets being fueled by technology enablement, including smart devices, artificial intelligence, blockchain and mixed reality.

Haatch's investment focus is twofold, firstly on early-stage investment opportunities with a sweet spot being an early MVP with some early traction in the market. A good example of this within the existing investment portfolio is Marvel, highlighting the Haatch experience in discovering, vetting and backing such early-stage opportunities.

Secondly, Haatch has the opportunity to invest in follow-on rounds for both existing Haatch Angel and Haatch Ventures LLP companies. These are companies which Haatch has worked with from an early stage, launched to prove product-market-fit, shown significant growth and have gone on to raise investment in excess of £30m+ from some of the largest funds in the UK and internationally - This provides investors with the unique opportunity of investing in an established scale-up.

Haatch investment stages see investments focusing on “Initial Seed” funding, where Haatch provides the first and only initial money into the company as well as “Seed” funding, where Haatch provides first or second money into the company and fill or syndicate the round. With “Follow On” funding, Haatch makes additional investments into existing companies which have become scale-ups.

Haatch Ventures enables investors to invest alongside experienced entrepreneurs and multi-exit founders.

Key team members

Scott Weavers-Wright - Co-Founder & Partner

Scott is best known for founding one of Britain’s largest e-commerce businesses, Kiddicare.com, which was subsequently acquired in cash for £70m, by Morrisons, one of the UK’s largest supermarkets.

Reaching 6th on the Retail Week Power List, Scott is regarded by many as one of the UK’s most innovative business professionals in retail.

After the Kiddicare acquisition, Scott became Managing Director and Chief Architect for Morrisons.com and has a wealth of experience in building and scaling large e-commerce businesses across the UK.

Founding Haatch, Scott has invested in, and developed businesses in the areas of ad tech, B2B SaaS (software as a service) and retail tech within the FMCG market including Elevaate, founded in 2014, which enables supplier monetisation programs across retailer websites.

Elevaate was acquired by Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE: QUOT) based in Mountain View, California in October 2018, 4 years after investment from Haatch and smashed the fund return target providing a return on investment of 276x.

Fred Soneya - Co-Founder & Partner

Fred was responsible for a number of high profile, large-scale innovation projects

across one of the UK’s largest e-commerce businesses Kiddicare.com and post-acquisition, supermarket giant Morrisons. 

Fred created award-winning, digital customer experiences bridging the online-offline gap in one of the UK’s largest grocers, Morrisons. This included the launch of browse and order points, mobile payments and electronic shelf edge labels powered by early stage technology companies.

To achieve this Fred worked with cutting edge, early stage technology start-ups to integrate and piece together award-winning customer experiences.

Co-founding Haatch in 2013, Fred supports the investment process end-to-end and works with portfolio businesses in advisory and board roles.

Simon Penson - Partner

Building a bootstrapped business is never an easy process, particularly when your sector focus is B2B and where people are the only asset, but that is exactly what Simon had done with Zazzle Media

The digital marketing agency grew from nothing to delivering an EBIT north of £1 million in just under 6 years before being sold into one of the world’s biggest advertising holding companies (IPG).

As a result of that journey, he is now seen as one of the most prominent minds in digital marketing and is regularly asked to speak and write about cutting edge digital growth both in the UK and around the world.

His real-world experience in people management, building profitable start-ups and marketing make him an extremely valuable member of the central team.

Simon left IPG in September 2019 to focus on investments and Haatch full-time.

Investment opportunities

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Exited investments

£70m Cash return
February 2011

Kiddicare was the UKs favourite multichannel baby retailer with 45+ industry awards and at scale shipped 17,000 items a day. With 17+ offers for the business Kiddicare sold to Morrisons Plc in 2011 for £70m – achieving 23.5x EBITDA multiples.

276x EIS return
October 2018

Elevaate is an award-winning retail real-time monetisation platform which enables sponsored search and Eccomerce media to the worlds largest FMCG retailers & brands. Elevaate was acquired by Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE: QUOT).

£37m Cash return
September 2016
Zazzle Media

Zazzle Media is the original UK content marketing agency. Providing expert content strategy, digital PR, and search marketing. It was acquired by the 4th largest advertising and marketing network IPG.

Example portfolio companies

1 Second Everyday is a video app which allows users to take day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of their life and share it with their friends.

Deazy scout out the finest, best value development teams and put them through their paces enabling anyone to use the Deazy platform to build their digital project.

The Eleanor platform allows resorts to make their services and experiences accessible and bookable wherever and whenever their guests want them to be.

Poplar is a platform that empowers the world to easily create AR experiences by activating a new generation of global AR creators and providing collaborative tools.

Buymie enables consumers to order goods from a selection of local grocery stores via the Buymie app and have them delivered by a personal shopper in as little as 1 hour.

Veritonic measures and scores audio creative, including voice, sonic brand elements, copy, and music — in streaming and radio ads, podcasts, smart speaker applications, and more.

Iterate enables enterprises to build production-ready digital applications up to 10x faster through their drag-n-drop Microservices development environment.

The Scurri platform connects and optimises retailers and brands online ordering, shipping and delivery to be simple, effective and adaptable to their needs.

Marvel has everything companies need to bring ideas to life and transform how they create digital products with their team. Placing the power of design in everyone’s hands.


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