Deepbridge provides investment opportunities into a portfolio of actively-managed growth focused technology and/or life sciences companies, taking advantage of the potential tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. 

Through the Deepbridge IHT Service, Deepbridge also offers an opportunity for investors to obtain relief from inheritance tax after only two years, by investing in Business Relief qualifying companies that trade in renewable energy generation assets.

Our purpose is to provide some degree of comfort to investors by enabling them to invest alongside our team of passionate, experienced and fair-minded specialists. A genuine blend of people who know what it’s like to run a business and who have a balanced approach between being good investors, strong managers and practical operators. We believe that investors will find Deepbridge a team that they want to partner with and in whom they can place their trust.

We actively support, mentor and invest alongside energetic, high-performance management teams. Our ambition is to help their businesses achieve their full potential and thereby provide the best possible outcomes for our investors.

We promote a culture of professional excellence and integrity which characterises all that we do: we therefore strongly encourage our investee companies to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. We bring value to investee companies through our proven experience of building growth businesses, involving our network of investors, technology advisors, and industry partners.

Important Information

In relation to regulated business for retail clients, Deepbridge Advisers Limited (FRN:609786) is an Appointed Representative of Enterprise Investment Partners LLP "EIP" (FRN: 604439) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is a financial promotion approved by Enterprise Investment Partners LLP "EIP" (FRN: 604439) for the purposes of section 21 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.


Investments in unquoted companies carries high risks and investors could lose all funds invested. Investors should not invest if capital is required in the near term. No established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies, making it difficult to sell shares. The value of tax reliefs depend on personal circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. The availability of tax reliefs depends on the Company invested in maintaining its qualifying status. Past performance is not a guide to the future performance of an investment, and investors are encouraged to take independent legal, tax and financial advice before considering an investment.

"We promote a culture of professional excellence and integrity which characterises all that we do."

Ian Warwick, Managing Partner, Deepbridge Capital

Investment focus


The ability to develop, commercialise and adopt new technologies will define successful economies in the 21st Century. New digital technologies are changing how we live and work and how we interact with each other.

At the same time, the world economy faces major societal challenges such as population growth, climate change and resource scarcity. These profound societal challenges underpin both product and process innovation, particularly that of a disruptive nature: on a global level, technological innovation is without doubt a major determinant of long-term economic growth, driving productivity and job creation, and opening up new markets to exploit.

Here in the UK, many early-stage technology companies have seen the emergence of a ‘funding gap’, as traditional sources of development and commercialisation capital move upstream due to their increased perception of risk, a result of adverse economic conditions in recent years. It is our opinion that this funding gap has revealed a compelling opportunity for investors to secure attractive entry terms into such innovations.


We live in unprecedented times, with digitalisation and decoding of the human genome, combined with sufficient computational power, providing a fertile backdrop for medical innovation to aim to solve the biggest health problems

facing the world in this century. According to the Deloitte 2019 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook, global healthcare-spend in 2022 is forecast to be $10tn.

So, why is investing in life sciences important? Well, focusing closer to home; the NHS’s Health Survey for England 2017 (published December 2018) reported that 34% of all adults suffered from chronic pain. The same report states that

chronic pain can have far-reaching consequences to its sufferers, including a lower quality of life, impact on mental health, job losses, and can limit daily activities.

In addition, the Office for National Statistics reported (dated 22 February 2019) that approximately 23% of all deaths in the UK in 2017 were considered avoidable. This percentage increased to 34% when looking at statistics for children and young people.


In 2017, globally $333bn was invested in ‘green energy,’ compared to just $144bn invested in traditional fossil fuels and nuclear power*. This reflects the global momentum towards supporting renewable energy initiatives and, on a national level, supports why the UK produced 33% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources in 2018, compared to just 7% in 2010**.

Deepbridge focuses on renewable energy projects, which have benefited from rapid technological advancements. We have commissioned a number of renewable energy plants, with an increasing number also under construction. By using renewable energy sources like wind or hydropower energy, the dependence on fossil fuel gas and oil reserves is reduced. It also reduces our dependence on imported fossil fuels, improving the UK’s energy security (energy security being the uninterrupted

availability of energy sources at an affordable price).

*Ceres; In sight of the Clear Trillion, update on an expanding landscape of investor opportunities, May 2018.

**UK Government National Statistics, Energy Trends: Renewables, Renewable Electricity Capacity and Generation, 11 April 2019.

Key team members

Ian Warwick - Managing Partner

A successful entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of leading private and public companies, Ian has successfully led the turnaround, re-capitalization and listing of several businesses, returning them to profit. He currently holds personal investments in a number of technology companies whose new products are in the proof of concept stage. He holds a Business Education Diploma from the University of Newcastle, and a Licentiateship (LCGI) (NVQ Level 4) from the Royal Navy.

Adrian Neilan - Investment Director, Technology

With a Masters in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and a MBA from Dublin City University, Adrian has considerable experience of working with tech-focussed innovations and developing digital strategies.

Adrian’s previous roles include 10 years as IT Director at Hewlett Packard followed by the role of CEO at the Irish Greyhound Racing Board, where he led the digitisation of operations.

Most recently, since 2014, Adrian has been Commercial Director at Trinity College Dublin.

Dr. Savvas Neophytou - Partner & Head of Life Sciences

Savvas is the Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge. Prior to joining Deepbridge, Savvas enjoyed a 15 year career in the City, working as an investment banker at JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Shore Capital, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Panmure Gordon. Savvas was also CEO of telemedicine business Now Healthcare Group.  As a highly acclaimed analyst, Savvas has won multiple awards, most recently in 2015 when Savvas was ranked 2nd overall in the prestigious Reuters Starmine survey, a position he also held in 2014. In the same year, Savvas was also runner-up in the CityAM Analyst of the Year awards. Savvas holds a PhD in psychopharmacology from Nottingham University and a BSc (Hons) degree in pharmacology from Manchester University.

Investment opportunities

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Exited investments

2x - 4.8x (Partial Exit) return
September 2017
Sky Medical Technologies

Sky Medical has developed and produced a medical device, utilising its ‘OnPulse’ platform, the Company’s neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology. The device seeks to increase blood circulation for a range of medical conditions. 

The primary applications for the technology are:

• Prevention and treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT);

• Chronic woundcare (especially “hard to heal” wounds);

• Post-surgical recovery;

• Elite sports recovery.

Up to 3x return
October 2019
iPipeline Holdings Inc

iPipeline is a provider of cloud-based software solutions to customers in the financial services and life insurance industry.

Deepbridge was the only EIS investor in Resonant Software Inc. which was subsequently acquired by iPipeline Holdings Inc. in January 2017.

Deepbridge’s investors in Resonant Software Inc., and subsequently iPipeline Holdings Inc., will receive a return on investment of up to 3x.

Ian Warwick, managing partner at Deepbridge commented:

“We first invested in Resonant Software in 2013 and brought this highly innovative software to the UK, from the USA, under the permanent establishment condition. Due to our hands-on management style, we were able to ensure Resonant’ s subsequent merger with iPipeline in 2017 was completed in a manner that was best suited to the interests of our investors.  We are delighted to complete another exit, following our partial exit of Sky Medical, and provide a positive return to our investors.  The successes of our investee companies reinforce our commitment to identifying, managing and supporting the best technology and life sciences innovations.”

Example portfolio companies

arbnco Ltd

arbnco Ltd operates in the competitive field of real estate energy efficiency analysis and improvement modelling. It has developed a suite of proprietary software solutions by which commercial real estate owners and landlords can assess the energy efficiency of their commercial real estate holdings, and seek to meet their compliance reporting requirements under the EU Building Energy Efficiency Directive.

Arterius Ltd

Arterius Ltd is engaged in the development of an innovative polymer-based bioresorbable scaffold (BRS), more commonly known as a ‘stent’. The bioresorbable attribute aims to allow the stent to dissolve over time, before being absorbed by the body. Therefore, this will mean that there is no requirement to physically remove the stent. We believe that the Company’s solution offers an opportunity to minimise the frequency of surgery or medical interventions and could give patients a better post-operative quality of life.

Chainvine Ltd

Chainvine Ltd is an enterprise software solution and service provider, using various distributed ledger technologies to assist corporate users to access blockchain technologies to aim to deliver operational efficiencies.

Chainvine Ltd seeks to demonstrate how blockchain can potentially increase efficiency, accountability and security as well as reduce costs for large and small entities in the private and public sector.

Compono PTY Ltd

Compono is developing an intelligent recruitment software platform, utilising a suite of algorithms and adaptive machine learning, that endeavours to:

- match individual’s talent with recruiting employers;

- help those employing organisations optimise their staff talent; and

- assist individuals in the building of their careers.

Elasmogen Ltd

Elasmogen Ltd is a biologics company that was spun out of the University of Aberdeen and has developed a proprietary ‘soloMER’ platform.

Specifically, the Company’s technology comprises a platform exploiting the power of biologics as drugs in small, simple and stable formats (‘soloMERs’).  Specifically, they are small (i.e. 9% of the size of a human antibody) and highly stable proteins, making them ideal for both site-specific delivery and the penetration of solid cancerous tumours.

Manchester Biotech Ltd

Supporting scientists to use bioprinting, liquid handling and 3D cell culture to develop new technologies that aim to improve patient lives.

Pathfinder Medical Ltd

Pathfinder Medical has developed an innovative catheter system that aims to enable patients to receive haemodialysis (a method of removing waste products and extra fluid, which build up in the blood when the kidneys are no longer able to function properly) in an improved manner. The Company is developing a procedure that uses a ‘stent graft’ (in effect, a synthetic tube) to create a process that the Company believes is less traumatic than surgery.

VoxSmart Ltd

VoxSmart Ltd is a mobile recording provider, aiming to address the global financial services compliance challenges of enabling integrated mobility and social technology within heavily regulated industries. 

The Company’s proprietary cloud-based mobile technology has been developed to capture, record, store, transcribe and analyse mobile calls, messages and voicemail using one platform. 

The platform is designed to be used with various handset technologies, operating systems and network operators.

vTime Ltd

vTime Holdings Ltd is focused on developing and publishing innovative engagement and communication applications and technology for all emerging alternative realities (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality - referred to collectively as xR) – extended reality), which is platform-agnostic (although primarily developed for mobile use) and has both consumer and commercial use cases. The first iteration of this is a free app called ‘vTime’.  vTime brings people together in virtual reality, allowing them to communicate, socialise, and share with each other. vTime is currently available on multiple platforms.

Zilico Ltd

Zilico Ltd has developed an innovative cancer diagnostic device technology that employs Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (‘EIS’) within a device that seeks to improve and extend current cancer screening programmes, by providing accurate and objective results in real-time. The initial focus of the Company is to address the detection of cervical cancer and oral cancer, and the Company plans to apply the same approach to oesophageal, anal, vaginal and vulva cancers.  The Company’s device, called ZedScan, examines the electrical resistance properties of human tissues, through the measurement and interpretation of electrical resistance of that tissue and then provides an objective method to differentiate between normal, pre-cancerous, and cancerous cells.


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