Deepbridge Capital LLP

Deepbridge Capital LLP


Formed in 2010, Deepbridge was founded with the aim of building an investment team that could redefine the growth capital market. Our purpose is to provide reassurance to investors by enabling them to invest alongside our team of passionate, experienced and fair-minded specialists. A genuine blend of people who know what it’s like to run a business and who have a balanced approach between being good investors, strong managers and practical operators. We hope investors find Deepbridge to be a team you want to partner with and a team in whom you can place your trust. 

We believe in supporting, mentoring and investing alongside energetic, high performance management teams. Our ambition is to help their businesses achieve their full potential and thereby provide the best possible outcomes for our investors. 

We promote a culture of professional excellence and integrity which characterises all that we do. We therefore strongly encourage our investee companies to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. We bring value to investee companies through our proven experience of building growth businesses, involving our network of investors, technology advisors, and industry partners.

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Deepbridge Capital LLP

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