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Arie Capital Limited


The ARIE Group is a financial services group with a cross-border focus primarily on venture capital investments and providing advisory and fund management services. 

Our focus on investing in transformative technologies that have global applications comes at the perfect time as the demand for new technologies has accelerated through the pandemic. 

Founded in 2016, we now have £500 million assets under management, with offices in 6 countries around the world and a team of 41 staff. 

Most excitingly, this has led to us now receiving new investment opportunities from around the world on the back of our growing reputation as a global investor in technology. 


"The ARIE Group has a proven track record with two full exits and two partial exits, out of 15 investments, including one to Google. One portfolio company IPO’d at $150m in November 2021 with another undergoing a $1bn IPO in Q1 2022. "

Stephen Margolis - Chairman & Co-founder, ARIE Capital

Investment focus

ARIE Tech seeks to invest in UK technology startups that are solving real-world problems whilst also making a social impact. 

We have an extensive global network that we use to the benefit of the companies we invest in, whether identifying global opportunities or having the contacts for profitable exits. 

This new-style EIS suits those who like the infrastructure of a fund for their investments, whilst also appealing to those who want the facility to choose which of the new investee companies they want to invest in. This gives flexibility to investors that have specialist knowledge or affiliation with companies or industries. 

Primary sectors:

1) Connectivity

2) Sustainable Technology

3) Fintech

4) DeepTech

5) EdTech

6) Ecommerce

7) MediaTech

8) MedicalTech

Key team members

Stephen Margolis - Chairman & Co-Founder

Stephen, originally a lawyer with over 35 years’ experience in asset finance, founded Taurus Asset Finance (ARIE Capital’s parent company) in 2011 as an alternative asset finance boutique with a particular focus on opportunities in the real estate, intellectual property and media sectors.

Since the firm’s inception, Stephen has been involved in raising over £500 million for a wide variety of projects including the construction of data centers in North East England, the renovation of a city landmark building as an educational facility, and the development of next-generation haptic and sound technology.

Prior to setting up Taurus Asset Finance, Stephen founded Future Films and has been involved in raising over £2 billion for film and TV production, with credits as a producer, executive producer or financier on more than 30 titles, including “Cracks”, “Bend It Like Beckham”, “Flawless”, and “Ladies in Lavender”.

Simon Tobelem - CEO & Co-Founder

A globally-experienced investment and business development professional and entrepreneur, Simon has more than 25 years’ experience in banking, venture capital, corporate finance, M&A and general management. Prior to founding ARIE Capital, Simon forged a strong reputation as a strategic advisor to senior management and boards using strong analytical and financial engineering skills with a ‘big picture’ vision. 

Previous positions include spells at Rothschild Bank, as the Economic Adviser to the Israeli Minister of Finance, and as General Manager of Corporate Finance at the Israel Discount Bank. 

Simon currently sits on the UK-Israel EdTech Task Force, and is fluent in five languages, including English, French and Hebrew.

Martin Taylor - Sales Director

Martin has served as the Head of Business Development for Taurus Asset Finance (ARIE Capital's parent company) since November 2016.

Martin is able to leverage his strong relationships with accountants, IFA’s, Wealth Managers and Family Offices as well as high level contacts within the banking and real estate sectors.

Martin previously held roles with the Rebus Group and the Scion Investment Group, among others.

Investment opportunities

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Example portfolio companies


Oasis Smart SIM provides both end-to-end and customized services to enable the deployment of global Smart SIM technology connectivity and management. Oasis solutions are key in enabling IoT solutions (soft SIM) as well as creating the next generation of connectivity devices (E-SIM).


Redux creates technology that uses vibrations to turn the surfaces of phones or tablets into speakers to provide haptic feedback. Its technology can bring benefits to a variety of markets, including the automobile and industrial sectors. Redux was acquired by Google in 2018.


CementDAO is the only decentralized platform that curates and unifies the best stablecoins to provide risk-protection to stablecoin holders. Our independent rating agents select qualifying stablecoins into a basket and a market-driven insurance provides the holders with risk protection.


Bosco is an AI-powered app that predicts threats to children. Boscos’s innovative approach offers parents insights about their children’s activity (such as alerts whenever behavioral patterns shift suddenly or something out-of-the-ordinary occurs) without providing the data itself. It’s a solution that keeps kids safe without compromising their privacy.


MYCAB offers a fully-managed professional car service that includes round-the-clock support. For corporate travel companies and booking platforms, MYCAB offers consolidated invoicing and reporting to reduce admin costs and identify global cost efficiencies for large organisations. The MYCAB product and technology is already integrated with most of the world's leading travel management companies and GDS booking platforms.


JobJob is an innovative, location-based mobile app for the hourly-wage industries. It provides a full-stack HR solution for enterprise clients. JobJob easily and quickly allows job seekers to find a job that suits their needs, whilst also allowing employers to find the right candidate for the job.


IntelliGym is a comprehensive and adaptive cognitive training programme for athletes that significantly enhances Sport IQ and improves on-field performance. Working with professional teams and elite teen athletes, IntelliGym improves a range of crucial skills – perceived as untrainable until recently – including awareness, anticipation, decision-making under pressure, execution, concentration and avoiding errors.


Net4 is currently operating two platforms: “Voica” (enabling anonymous voice calling to be added to any app), and “Thingable” (creating dashboards to control and interpret data received by sensors). Net4 has the capability to provide sensors, gateways and IoT devices, connectivity (Cellular, LoRa & BLE), connectivity management and distribution, and has channel partners of IBM, Arm and SCC..


CUJU is a web-based platform creating original content that brings the excitement of the English Premier League to a football-obsessed audience in China. Present on all the major web platforms, CUJU captures the unique spirit of English football fans before, during and after the matches and creates an authentic Chinese community around the Premier League teams.


flo is a global Internet of Things connectivity enabler. Most players in the IoT space talk about ‘connected devices’ but the vast majority do not have the connectivity capability nor the ability to secure these connections. flo is making this possible via a ‘virtual core network’ and a unique IoT security layer.

Investments offered

  • EIS
  • VC
  • Private Equity


Assets under management


Fund raising track record

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