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Food waste costs retailers $18.2 Billion every year and close to 8 million tons of fresh produce is thrown away. 

Vitabeam harnesses the power of light to improve food safety and reduce waste. 

Vitabeam has created cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of LED lighting to promote faster, natural growth in fresh produce, whilst also killing harmful pathogens. This leads to increased food safety, reduced food waste and healthier produce for consumers. 

Vitabeam’s patented and proven VQe® technology powers products across multiple sectors including: legal cannabis, horticulture, produce pre-packaging, retail supermarkets, kitchens and healthcare. Vitabeam have a global presence and have recently been awarded £2.1M worth of equipment contracts in the US and Canada. They are seeking a £3M EIS equity raise. 


  • Opportunity to invest in a green, high-growth potential, Agri/Bio tech under attractive EIS conditions.
  • Awarded two major UK Grants (Innovate UK) - £462k + £178k.
  • Proven, patented, safe, world-first science.
  • True global opportunity, linking multiple, interconnected supply chains.
  • Commercial sales completed in the US, Canada and Hawaii. Global sales rollout to occur with funding.
  • Strong ROI benefits to all customers (within 3 to 9 months for Growers and 6 to 9 months for retailer, with a product warranty for 5 years).
  • Exit opportunities for maximum PE valuation IPO / trade sales to multiple large sector companies, offering multiple potential routes for returns.
  • Strong pipeline revenue committed for 2021. Included in new build projects standards. Retrofit is also viable; presenting huge commercial opportunities.

Key team

James Millichap-Merrick - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James read life sciences at Imperial College, then had an investment career at AXA and director role at Fidelity Brokerage, reporting to the president, he successfully managed the largest investment project outside of the U.S. President of Harrington Chase plc. prior to joining Cornell Capital, a highly successful $1bn U.S. hedge fund, as U.K. managing director (covering ROW), FCA regulated, achieving positive investment returns across all international transactions. 

James is naturally driven to understand and manage every element of the Vitabeam business. His investment, science and business background are integral in directing and supervising the company’s function.

Steven Cady - Chief Operating Officer

Over the past forty years, Steven has been owner and senior executive of private and public companies involved in energy, food and logistics. President of SlimFast® (Non-Retail Sales Group), eCommerce platforms (CEO of LinkOpp Marketing, Inc. created with IBM), Genesis Energy management. Steven graduated cum laude from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in history. 

Vladimir Vasilenko - Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Vladimir Vasilenko received a Master of Science degree in plant physiology and biochemistry, St. Petersburg State University, then receiving his Ph.D. in plant physiology from Lomonosov Moscow State University in plant growth regulation by light and growth substances. Working the team of Nobel Prize Laureate Alexander Prokhorov. Together at General Physics Institute, Prokhorov approved and supported Vladimir’s concept of application of lasers and LEDs in plant growth stimulation and seed enhancement. 

Prokhorov wrote the following: “The topic of his work has very promising data for biophysics, agro-chemistry and plant biology. It’s well known that mankind cannot do without artificial regulation of the growth and development of agricultural plants. But since many synthetic regulators are toxic the investigators are in permanent search for the more safe substances and methods. One of them is the joint action of light and chemical regulation, which was advanced and elaborated by Dr. Vasilenko, provides promising results.

Fee summary

Investor fees 

0% - initial fee 

20% - performance fee at a hurdle of £1.35

This means 100% of any investment qualifies for EIS relief.

Note: The sponsor (Arie Capital) charges the investee company (Vitabeam) an inital 5% from which they pay third party fees as well as an ongoing management charge of 1.5% p.a. 


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