Symvan Technology EIS Fund

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Symvan Capital are an award-winning EIS & SEIS technology venture capital fund manager. We invest in companies seeking to have a material impact in their industry with the potential to deliver exceptional investment returns within a realistic time frame. Predominantly investing in B2B tech Enterprise Software solutions and looking for companies that have the potential to deliver 10x

  • £20,000.00
    Min. investment
  • Technology (Software)
  • EIS
    Investment type

The Symvan Technology EIS Fund has been established to enable individuals to invest in technology companies with high growth potential.

Symvan Capital undertakes quarterly investment rounds and we are guaranteeing allotment this Tax Year for any clients that has the requirement to carry back to the 20/21 Tax Year.

Our current portfolio is ideally positioned for the rise of the 'new normal' post Covid world, which will hasten the move for enterprise companies from an analogue to a digital economy. Symvan believes that the challenge for wealth managers is to find fund managers who invest in companies that are non-correlated to traditional equity/debt/cash assets, which will continue to face challenges in an uncertain world and offer less than promising risk/return


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  • Investment focus is on technology companies which are potentially disruptive in their sector and have the opportunity to scale significantly.
  • Businesses which have current revenues, or at the very least clear commercial agreements, with a proven business and ideally no over reliance on one revenue stream or customer.
  • Management competence is one of the most important factors in determining success or failure. Symvan’s most important investment criterion is the experience of the management team.
  • Typical portfolio holding of 8-12 companies
  • Aim to exit most investments between 5-8 years.
  • Closing Date - this is an evergreen fund with quarterly closes.

Investment strategy

  • Ideal for investors seeking enhanced capital growth from more established companies.
  • Capital growth fund.
  • Utitilising our lifecycle approach to investing from SEIS - EIS so we know our companies well and understand their potential.
  • Expected investment horizon of up to 8 years.
  • Portfolio management service structured as an Alternative Investment Fund.
  • Zero upfront fees or charges to investors; 20% performance fee at exit. Fees charged to Investee Companies.
  • Funds invested in tranches for investors advised by qualified intermediaries and for unadvised high net worth and sophisticated investors seeking EIS tax reliefs where an investment in the Fund is confirmed as appropriate.

Portfolio companies

Key team

Kealan Doyle - CEO & Co-founder

Kealan is CEO and co-founder of Symvan Capital. He has worked with venture capital companies for 15 years, both in a corporate finance advisory capacity as well as a fund manager. He prefers to invest in a wide range of technology companies, but is also very interested in finding synergies within the Symvan portfolio of companies. Company interests include big data analytics, fintech, SaaS, 3D printing and network security. Before his involvement in venture capital investing, Kealan previously lead a structured equity products team at HSBC, and has worked at Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and UBS. Together with Nicholas, he has since founded his own entrepreneurial businesses to focus on VC investing. Kealan holds degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Toronto.

Nicholas Nicolaides - Director & Co-founder

Nicholas is a Director and co-founder of Symvan Capital. He is passionate about technology and believes it has never been a more exciting time to invest in the sector. His early capital markets experience at Paribas seeded his involvement in the sector, working on numerous technology transactions including the IPO for Autonomy Corporation Plc. Most of his recent experience involves working with and investing in early stage technology SMEs. He is particularly interested in big data, high performance computing and the opportunities for disruption in the education and recruitment sectors. Nicholas believes that both the quality of the management team and timing are the most important factors in determining success of a technology investment, and propounds that the Symvan mantra of “deeper not wider” is essential and requires the close involvement of the venture capital investor to nurture the businesses. Prior to setting up his own VC businesses, Nicholas worked with AiM brokers and the ECM team at Lehman Brothers, focussing on European Telecom & Media. Prior to that he worked in the TMT Corporate Finance and European Equity Capital Markets teams at BNP Paribas. Nicholas gained a BSc (Hons) in Statistics & Economics from UCL and in a MBA from Imperial College Management School.

Exit strategy

The main objective is to provide Investors with an exit in approximately five to eight years from the Closing Date of the Fund, although earlier exits are possible. A trade buyer/ fund and public offering are just some avenues to exit investors company holdings.

Past performance

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Products and services

Symvan Capital Technology EIS Fund 2021-2022

 Guaranteed allotment this tax year 2021/22 (Option to Carry-Back to 2020/21)

 Investments in 30 growth businesses currently; predominantly B2B Enterprise software

 Invested in 8 – 12 EIS investee companies, to provide increased levels of diversification

 Zero initial and Zero AMC. Performance fee on successful exits

 Biannual valuation, regular updates

 Target holding period: 3 — 7 years

 Target return £2.85 per £ invested

Fee summary

Symvan do not charge investors an initial fee or ongoing fee and instead charge the investee companies for the services we provide.

The only fee payable by investors is a performance fee which is paid to the manager when realisations from a company investment exceed the total amount invested. The performance fee equals 20% on realised amounts in excess of aggregate subscriptions made to the Fund net of expenses.


An investment in the fund is subject to a number of risks. Before making any investment decision, prospective investors should consider carefully the risks attaching to an investment in the fund together with all information contained in our Information Memorandum.

  • The first and most important risk is that the fund will be investing in early stage companies. Some of these companies will fail during the life of the fund or lose a great deal of their inherent value. An investor in the fund may not recover the full amount invested.
  • There is also no secondary market nor is there intended to be a market
  • EIS Investments are illiquid investments and cash will only be available when individual companies exit and we aim to exit within 8 years
  • The investment timetable of the manager may not be achieved which may result in the loss of EIS tax Reliefs. In some circumstances a delay could cause certain investors to lose the opportunity to defer gains that occured more than 3 years before the Qualifying investment. No assurances can be given that the fund will ever be fully invested or that the Funds investment objectives will be achieved.
  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance of the fund. The portfolio companies will either not have a trading history or only a limited one
  • There are circumstances in which an Investor could cease to qualify for the taxation advantages offered by the EIS scheme.
  • If the porfolio companies cease to carry on a Qualifying trade during the 3 year period, this would prejudice their qualifying status under the EIS. Further, if the funds made available to portfolio companies are not used within 24 months, the company would be in breach of these rules and tax reliefs would be withdrawn. The situation will be closely monitored with a view to preserving each Portfolio companys EIS Status, but this cannot be guaranteed.

A failure of the porfolio companies to meet qualifying status for the EIS could result in:

  1. Investors being required to repay the 30% income tax relief received, depending on whether relief has been claimed
  2. Liability to CGT on a dipsoal of shares and....
  3. Any gain covered by CGT deferral relief becoming crystalised

A Manager will, at its discretion, seek provisional approval from HMRC that the portfolio companies qualify for EIS Status, however there can be no guarantees that reliefs will be available. If reliefs are not available, subcription monies will not be returned to investors.

Symvan strongly recommend Investors to take appropriate independent financial advice on the tax aspects in order to understand the high risk nature and implications if any of the above were to occur.


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