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Stellar Growth is a discretionary managed portfolio designed to offer full relief from inheritance tax after two years with capital growth. Stellar Growth provides you with access to a wide choice of investment areas that offer security and diversification, in additon to qualifying for Business Relief.

Application Process Update

In light of events happening around the world, managers have been revising their application acceptance procedures in close co-ordination with Custodians to ensure applications and funds are processed efficiently. Applications no longer need to be sent in the post to process wet signatures. Once you've submitted your application through CoInvestor, a member of staff will contact you directly with the managers simple instructions on who to send your scanned application to.


  • You continue to own and have access to your capital.
  • The services offer medium term capital growth potential.
  • Your capital can be insured to protect against any loss of value.
  • Our services are diversified across a wide range of asset classes to protect against market risk.
  • Transparent fees and a clear investment strategy.
  • Thoroughly researched investments, compliant with all current legislation.

Market approach

Stellar Growth is structured differently to other estate planning portfolios because we put you at the centre.

When you invest with us, we incorporate a trading company in your name and you are the sole shareholder.

Your trading company will then invest in a range of diversified trading activities all of which qualify for full inheritance tax relief after two years.

Stellar Growth offers access to seven trading areas and your capital will be spread across a blend of the following:

Commercial Development




Renewable Energy

Residential Development

Investment strategy

Stellar Growth is designed to help you pass on capital to your children and for this reason capital preservation is the focal point of our investment strategy.

We choose to invest in seven trading activities because these are underpinned by physical assets and we believe this makes these trades lower risk investment areas. All of the trading activities offered in Stellar Growth are carefully selected to ensure that they:

qualify for Business Relief and therefore full inheritance tax relief after two years;

are asset-backed to offer a high level of security;

are uncorrelated to equities, gilts & bonds to provide you with investment diversification;

and can provide a return after fees and charges of 5% per annum

Our trading activities in UK forestry, farmland, hotels and property development are secured by our investors owning both the land and either the crops growing or the bricks and mortar. Where capital is used for short term lending purposes, such as bridging finance and residential developments, it is secured against assets. New qualifying trades are introduced regularly to provide maximum diversification.

Key team

Jonathan Gain - Chief Executive

Jonathan has been involved in financial services since 1993 when he graduated from Bournemouth University with a BA (Hons) in Accountancy. He joined the then newly formed Close Brothers Investment Limited in 1993 and was appointed Finance Director just five years later in 1998. In his role he was responsible for overseeing its property investment funds and numerous tax planning products, before becoming Managing Director in 2005.

When he left to set up Stellar, it had approximately £1 billion of funds under management. Drawing on his wide-ranging experience, Jonathan established Stellar Asset Management in 2007 along with the former founder of Close Brothers Investment Limited and two other colleagues. Jonathan remains the majority shareholder.

Outside of work he enjoys organising and participating in charity events, particularly sponsored cycle rides. He is a keen Manchester United supporter, as you would expect from someone who lives in the south! He also treats himself to a few days off work during the year to watch live cricket matches so he can follow the ups and downs of England’s test cricket team.

Matthew Steiner - Business Development Director

Matthew has worked in the financial services industry since he graduated from Kingston University in 1997.

He trained as a financial adviser in London and completed his financial planning certificate (FPC) to level III. He joined the property division of Close Brothers Investment Limited in January 2000, and by the end of his tenure was the senior Business Development Manager for its range of tax efficient products and property investment funds.

After a short sabbatical in Nepal, as a volunteer teacher seconded to an orphanage in Pokhara, he worked on a consultancy basis with Tri-investments and Downing Corporate Finance before joining Stellar as a director and shareholder in 2012.

Matthew has been instrumental in both developing and simplifying Stellar’s estate planning proposition and communicating this to the advisory community.

Daryl Hine - Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years business experience and a proven track record in financial services, Daryl has provided both strategic insight and operational leadership across a range of businesses.

He has experience with multinational PLCs and start ups but has a passion for SME’s – particularly the people side of the team. He enjoys getting to the essence of any problem, whether it’s team building, lead generation or product development related, and working with the right person to come up with the right solution.

His qualifications include holding a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Lancaster University – one of the UK’s top 3 business schools.

Outside work and education, Daryl is a keen globetrotting traveller and loves all things tech, especially when keeping an eye out for the next big market disrupter.

Products and services

Stellar Growth has the following key features:

Tax-efficient: IHT relief after two years

Diversified: Access to seven trading activities

Control: Investments made in your name so you keep full control

Transparent: Simple investment strategy and fee structure

Growth: Target return of 5% annum (net of all fees)

Fee summary

A performance fee is also applicable to this service. The performance fee hurdle is 5% per annum with a performance fee of 20% of the excess over hurdle. For standard fees please see below.


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