Seismic Opportunities Fund 2021

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Seismic Opportunities Fund invests in UK based businesses with strong growth potential whilst meeting Seismic’s code of ethics.

  • £1,000
  • Evergreen
  • Generalist

Key growth drivers for our investee companies will likely combine: an experienced and credible management team, supportive cornerstone investors, leveraging technology to disrupt existing markets and the opportunity for export led growth.

The experienced team offer practical hands-on experience to support the long-term profitable growth of the investee companies, the circular economy and business as a force for good.

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  • If earlier stage, a highly experienced management team and extremely credible cornerstone investor base
  • Strong market dynamics underpinned by disruptive technology.
  • Supporting local businesses to a national and international scale.
  • Being true to the fund's investing code of ethics and business being a force for good.
  • An open and transparent fee structure.

Market approach

Opportunities pipeline:

With on average 20-30 investment opportunities being reviewed every month, the pipeline is constantly changing. However, here are three potential opportunities which are currently seeking investment:

- Supporting one of the UK’s leading business-supporting challenger banks. With a well established and proven technology platform combined with a refreshing approach to relationship banking; the executive team have over 100 years of combined banking experience between them and are backed by some of the UKs most successful entrepreneurs.

- Supporting the rapid growth of this alternative healthcare provider. Building on its current digital platform and existing relationships with some of the UK’s leading influencer websites the company is now looking to expand its B2B offering through a variety of corporate relationships both in the UK and across Europe.

- Supporting the growth of this niche high-end crisis and risk management solutions provider. The business currently ‘punches above its weight’ in some key market sectors with an enviable client list but needs further investment to expand its team and invest in its unique IT platform which has already attracted global interest from users.

Investment code of ethics:

Underpinning everything we do and what we invest in is the following:

- We believe in business being a force for good. Too often the headlines refer to 'fat cats' and the negative rhetoric - investor returns are important but so is the knowledge that you are putting your money to work in businesses which aim to have a long-term positive impact on society.

- Key to this, is belief in a circular economy both in terms of the business model and in each business's approach to the environment, the community and the wider stakeholder network.

- Working with the investee companies to develop and support best practice not only through their own operations but driving positive change into their supply chains.

Investment strategy

Whilst Seismic is a generalist investor it takes a thematic approach to identifying and targeting investee companies.

The common themes are:

- UK based businesses with a focus on export markets (or the potential to further develop overseas sales).

- Revenue generating with an existing track record of selling a product/service.

- Strong market dynamics with the potential to use technology to disrupt existing competition.

- A leadership team passionate about driving long term profitable growth.

- An existing brand on which to leverage further growth and development.

- If earlier stage, a highly experienced management team and extremely credible cornerstone investor base.    

- In the event of turnarounds or investments requiring liquidity, a strong asset base against which to support the investment.

The Fund benefits from the entrepreneur-led approach of the Seismic Fund Managers. Here the fundraise is wrapped up in a much larger package including ongoing support and real-world experience, ensuring that the identified potential is translated into high growth. This benefits the companies, which in turn benefits the Investor.

Each month the Fund Manager will likely review 20-30 relevant opportunities. The Fund Managers will use their knowledge and that of their wider advisory network to source potential Investee Companies they believe have high growth potential and can generate the returns the Fund is looking to achieve.

Key team

Tristan Lloyd-Baker - Principal

Tristan has gained both corporate finance and banking experience acting as a principal and adviser for over 20 years.

Starting at UBS Warburg in the late 90’s he went on to spend 7 years at Goldman Sachs, operating and managing teams across Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange. In 2007 he set my sights on completing his MBA, during which he consulted for a number of clients including Moto Hospitality with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

Following the completion of the MBA, Tristan joined AeroThermal as the Group Commercial Director, he oversaw the 2008/9 capital raising for that business from a Family Office and two Venture Capital Fund investors. This, coupled with the commercialisation of the firms proprietary engineered products led to an exit in 2012.

Seeing the ever widening gap in the SME capital raising market, Tristan set up Seismic Venture Partners to raise capital for niche businesses whose management team’s offered something special. Since starting out, Seismic has raised over £13m into over 20 individual businesses as well as obtaining its fund management permissions as a Directly Regulated AIFM.

Tristan is especially proud of the opportunities that Seismic has raised capital for, the products and entrepreneurs that Seismic has supported along the way and the platform created to support entrepreneurial led growth businesses.

Tristan Lloyd-Baker is on the FCA Register as IRN TRL01034. 

Ewan Lloyd-Baker - Principal

Ewan has worked in corporate turnaround and corporate finance both as a principal and adviser for over 25 years.

As a principal, he worked in a VC backed start-up which was sold to Reuters. He then helped set up a FTSE100 corporate incubator before completing his MBA and working with Henley Incubator and several blue-chip clients including BT and Unilever focusing on corporate venturing and fostering ‘intrapreneurship’.

As a partner in Lloyd-Baker & Associates LLP, he sourced the acquisition of one of the UK’s oldest engineering companies, Hayward Tyler.  Becoming the CEO Ewan reversed the company into an AIM listed PLC and with a new operational team restructured the main operating company including building a new Centre of Excellence.  Hayward Tyler won numerous industry awards including the Queen’s Award for Export and Ewan was granted an honorary doctorate in recognition of his services to manufacturing.

Having acquired another ‘orphan’ British engineering company, Peter Brotherhood, from Dresser Rand (now Siemens) the enlarged group was bought by Avingtrans plc in a £50m transaction and Ewan subsequently became a non-executive Director of the enlarged group.

Having completed a successful handover Ewan resigned from the Avingtrans plc Board in Nov’18 to pursue his other interests.  He has since co-founded a SaaS business focused on digital twinning and optimising the flowlines of products and services in factories using predictive simulation. Ewan has also set up and subsequently sold an FCA authorised financial services business operating in the consumer credit lending space.

Ewan Lloyd-Baker is on the FCA Register as IRN EWL01011

Exit strategy

A key element of the Seismic's success will be delivering against the targeted returns of an annualised IRR of over 30%. Seismic will therefore continue to review the investee companies and portfolio with this in mind and with a focus on achieving an exit for investors within 3-4 years of the initial investment.

Please note that the Manager's interests are aligned with that of the investors to exit within 5 years of the initial investment because after this period the Manager does not charge an Annual Fund Management Fee

Products and services

The Seismic Opportunities Fund is a UCIS AIF investing in growth capital and venture businesses. The Manager's ambition is to apply progressive funding and support to high growth UK based companies and see the Fund investors realise an annualised IRR return of over 30%. 

Unusually, the Fund's Investors have the option to invest either into a single fundraise or to spread their investment risk across the portfolio. The fund follows on from more than 20 successful SEIS and EIS fundraises into companies championing innovation across engineering, products and digital platforms. 

Since the Manager co-invests in all of the investee companies, and takes an active role as Investor Director or observer, they are able to maintain proximity to all investments.

Fee summary

- No initial administration fee (for UK based individual investors)

- Annual management fee capped at 5 years (with the first 3 years payable by the Investee Company)

- Custodian and Secretarial Fees borne by the Manager

- Fund Manager's Incentive waived for the first investment into Alba


It should be noted that capital invested in the Fund is at risk and that the Fund is committing its funds to unquoted equity investment which are likely to be held on a long-term basis and be of an illiquid nature. Prospective Investors should note that most of the protections under FSMA do not apply to investments in the Fund and that compensation under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme may not be available.

For further information on the potential risks please refer to pages 21-25 of the Information Memorandum.


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