Oxford Technology (S)EIS Fund

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The Oxford Technology (S)EIS fund invests in start-up and early-stage technology companies.

  • £15,000
  • Evergreen
  • Generalist

The latest quarterly report is available in the documents section and gives detailed information about all the investments made to date and how they are doing. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, the fund has gone very well so far and the investments are valued at £15.01m against a net cost of £4.42m, a paper gain of £10.59m. This gain, if and when it is realised, will be tax-free.

Application Process Update

In light of events happening around the world, managers have been revising their application acceptance procedures in close co-ordination with Custodians to ensure applications and funds are processed efficiently. Applications no longer need to be sent in the post to process wet signatures. Once you've submitted your application through CoInvestor, a member of staff will contact you directly with the manager's simple instructions on who to send your scanned application to.


  • Oxford Technology invests in start-up and early-stage technology companies near Oxford.
  • The managers have been making investments in early-stage technology companies for more than 30 years (first investment was in 1983).
  • The fund plans to have fully invested funds raised within three years of receipt. An investor in the fund should expect their initial investments to be SEIS qualifying with subsequent investments being EIS qualifying.
  • The two key managers are personally invested in the fund and therefore have an aligned interest with fund investors.
  • Quarterly updates on fund investments are provided.

Investment strategy

Oxford Technology (OTM) is based on the Oxford Science Park and invests in start-up and early-stage technology companies, in general within an hour's drive of Oxford. The reason for the geographical constraint is that OTM is actively involved with investee companies to help them to succeed. Technology start-up companies are usually created to exploit a new invention, often developed in a university, and the scientists who made the invention will usually be actively involved in the company in its early stages. But these scientists are generally unlikely to have had much experience in operating a business and therefore Oxford Technology is actively involved in helping, especially in the early days when key decisions about business strategy and pricing policy are being taken. Experience has shown that such help can be given much more effectively by having short but frequent meetings, rather than formal quarterly or monthly board meetings. By having frequent face-to-face meetings, issues can be discussed and in many cases concerns dealt with before they become problems. If the Managers of OT(S)EIS are not able to address a particular issue themselves, it is likely that they will know someone locally who can help.

Fee summary

Annual management fees are tiered and will be charged as follows:

Years 1-3: 2% of your gross subscription

Years 4-7: 1.5% accrued, to be paid only from the proceeds of exits

Years 8 onwards: Nil

The custodian fee of 0.18% is charged annually for the first 7 years.

The performance fee of 20% of net profits will only be collected after the investor has received at least £1.20 (inc. tax benefits) against each original £1 invested net of fees.


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