OnePlanetCapital Sustainability EIS Fund

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OnePlanetCapital is a fund focused on climate change & environmental impact. The fund aims to deliver strong investment returns with impact alongside a strong ESG framework.

  • £10,000.00
    Min. investment
  • Impact
  • EIS
    Investment type

The fund managers have been investing in the sustainable space for a number of years with angel investor networks. As a result, the company has a well-stablished pipeline and access to high levels of due diligence on deal flow. We believe our co-operative model with other investor groups in the space will lead to a better quality of deal selection over the course of the funds.

The Fund will focus on companies that can affect climate change with technology as well as companies that are working towards a general ambition of improving sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Examples will include renewable energy companies, green technology to directly reduce CO2 emissions, transport innovation, agricultural technologies, recycling and sustainable B2C products and services.

The fund will focus on the three inter-related areas of Climate Change, Environment, and Consumer sustainability.


  • The global economy is in the early stages of a green industrial revolution.
  • Your investment will create a positive impact on the environment whilst accessing fast growing companies in the sustainable space.
  • Tax efficient access to sectors such as clean energy, clean technology, sustainable food production, transport and recycling.
  • Strong management team with investment experience and track record in the sector.

Investment strategy

The fund will develop a portfolio of unquoted investments in UK based sustainable companies with the aim to deliver strong commercial returns through capital appreciation. The fund will invest in businesses with revenues looking to scale up over a 5 year period.

The investment consultant will work closely with each business to make sure that key performance indicators are achieved and will spend significant amounts of time assessing whether business goals are achievable.

Companies will typically have the following investment characteristics:


Businesses will be directly affecting climate change and environmental issues or be broader consumer businesses that have an impact in these areas. The global economy is moving in this direction very quickly.

All businesses have to demonstrate positive environmental impact.

Long term structural growth

Companies in the sustainable space are supported by long term structural factors. For example, renewable energy investment now outstrips fossil fuel and nuclear investment. Transport is moving towards clean energy with petrol and diesel vehicles being phased out in the UK by 2030.12 The €750 billion pandemic fund is geared towards supporting recovery with an estimated €200bn being borrowed in the form of green bonds.

The fund will invest in sustainable businesses with clear growth potential.


OnePlanetCapital will look for business models that can scale and that offer economies of scale. In other words, as the business grows, the profit margins also improve.

The fund will only invest in businesses that are selling an existing product or service.

Global Applications

OnePlanetCapital are looking for businesses that are based in the UK, but that can trade globally.

Quality of the Team

The Fund will only invest in businesses with top quality, highly motivated management teams.

Ability to execute

Great ideas are nothing without implementation. The Fund will be focused on businesses with strong implementation plans.

Key team

Ed Stephens - Co-Founder

Ed has founded and exited two media & technology businesses. He currently sits on the board and is a director of two media technology business and is an NED to a marketing services company. Ed is a passionate angel investor and has been investing in the green space for a number of years.

Matt Jellicoe - Co-Founder

After a corporate career in public companies, Matthew founded and successfully exited two technology businesses in 2012 and 2018 respectively. He has been an active technology investor since 2012 and serves as a Non-Executive Director for two technology businesses. In more recent years he has specialised in sustainable investments.

Matthew holds an Executive MBA from London Business school. 

James Robson - Director

Through Wilton’s pension arm, Hartley, James has gained significant experience in the development and management of a wide range of tax wrappers and Wealth Management solutions, including ISA, SIPP, SSAS, QROPS and QNUPS. Hartley currently manages over £5 BN of assets and has been an active buyer of pension companies in recent years as the sector consolidates

Tony Flanagan - Co-Founder

Tony is the founder and principal of Wilton Group – a leading financial  adviser company. Tony was company secretary and adviser to the board of Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc, a UK AIM listed company for 14 years.  Tony also advised the board of OPG Power Ventures Plc in respect of their admission to London’s AIM market.

Judith Ruppert - Head of Sustainability

Judith has over 10 years of experience as a sustainability consultant in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the UK. As a trained EcoVadis, DJSI, GRI/UNGC/SDG reporting and carbon accounting specialist, Judith has worked with 100+ clients across various sectors to improve their sustainability performance. Judith studied Sustainable Value Chain Management at Cambridge University and is an assessor for the Sustainable Finance course at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

Exit strategy

The OnePlanetCapital EIS team decides with each company board and management the appropriate exit strategy. OnePlanetCapital EIS team aims to capitalise past experience in AIM IPOs, trade buyers & MBO’s in order to release capital back to shareholders. The target exit horizon for OnePlanetCapital EIS investments is five-six years.

In order to retain EIS tax Reliefs, Investors must hold Shares for at least the Three Year Period. Although the proposed life of the Fund is five-six years, realisation of the Fund’s Investments may take significantly longer than this. Consequently, an Investor should not invest if they require access to their capital before the end of 2025, at the earliest.

In the event of a request to exit early, the Manager will cooperate with an Investor wishing to sell their Shares but Investors should be aware that there is no market for such Shares and they are not readily realisable. Even in the event that a buyer can be found by the Investor, the Investor may have to accept a significant discount on their Shares in order to realise their Investment early. Note that Shares must be held for a minimum of the Three Year Period to retain EIS Relief.

The Manager believes Investee Companies will start to exit from 2025. It is anticipated this will be through a trade or private equity sale, or listing, of each of the Investee Companies. Investors should note that the Exits of Investee Companies may be delayed and none of the Exit options above may be available to the Manager.

Fee summary

All fees and charges stated above are net of any VAT which will be added if applicable. Please see the fund memorandum for full fees and charges. Approximately 94.6% of the subscription will be invested into underlying EIS companies, therefore the level of income tax relief on your subscription will be reduced.



There are no guarantees that target returns or the targeted return of capital within five-six years will be achieved, and the value of Investments in the Fund may go down as well as up. Investors’ capital is at risk and they may lose all funds invested.


Potential Investors should not consider investing if they might require access to their funds in the short to medium term.


Tax benefits and allowances depend on personal circumstances and can be subject to changes in legislation. The fund intends to invest primarily in EIS Qualifying Companies, and the availability of such reliefs will generally be dependent on Investee Companies maintaining their EIS and Qualifying Company status. You should only invest if you accept there is no guarantee that Investee Companies will secure EIS status or that such relief may not be subsequently withdrawn.

Investment Timing

It may take longer than the Manager’s target of 12 months to fully invest Investors’ Subscriptions to the Fund. It is also possible there may not be enough suitable investment opportunities to invest Subscriptions to the Fund in the tax year 2020/21 , 2021/22 tax years or beyond.

Please see pages 27 to 30 of the Information Memorandum for a full list of Risk Factors.


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