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Our mission is to be the EDGE-intelligent app marketplace where the world goes to connect, inform and care for remote teams and customers.

  • 01/07/2022
    Closing date
  • £10,000.00
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  • Telecommunications
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Remote collaboration is a big problem, especially for people working at sea. FrontM is solving this with a B2B2c Edge AI software platform driving holistic human empowerment in maritime and other remote industries, with collaboration, automation and welfare app-marketplace and developer APIs. Live apps: Maritime telemedicine, remote surveys, legal support, video assistance, crew welfare.


  • Seed funded in 2019 and entered Aviation inflight WiFi market, with successful airline integrations before covid disruption and a major pivot in 2020.
  • Now in 18 months with a Maritime focus, established revenue metrics with 20% Month on Month MRR growth leading to £1M ARR run rate by end of 2022.
  • 9+ leading Enterprise B2B partnerships signed, a strong pipeline from direct & indirect channel sales.
  • Recognised by Innovate UK for Edge AI R&D to drive sustainability in maritime markets.
  • Defensible technology with a patent roadmap for Edge AI app marketplace.

Market analysis

  • Maritime digitalisation market is growing at 26% CAGR to be $345Billion market by 2030 (courtesy: Inmarsat).
  • There are 8000+ maritime companies, service providers and operators as the total available B2B market size.
  • There are 50M+ distributed workforces in ocean industries as a the target end user market size.
  • Multiple adjacent growth markets include Liesure/Cruise, Fisheries, small-workboats, offshore O&G and energy which present a $1T sized TAM for FrontM to operate within.

Financial projections

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Key team

Ronald Spithout - Advisor & NED

Ronald is an industry figurehead, celebrated as the 22nd most influential maritime digitalisation leader on Llyods List and carries over 20 years of mobile satellite industry knowledge, serving global mobile communities on land, in the air and at sea. 

Kiran Venkatesh - Co-Founder & CEO

Ex-satellite communication & digital transformation consultant, 20 years experience leading $80M+ sized digital transformation initiatives, a visionary, trusted team player and is highly adaptable to change. 

Guillermo Acilu - Co-founder & CTO

Software engineer for 20+ years leading large enterprise systems design and development. Entrepreneur, innovative thinker and passionate about data, AI and Edge computing. 

Anne-Marie Barclay - Commercial Director

Ex-Inmarsat channel director with 20+ years of B2B sales experience and a proven track record of strong delivery against financial targets and improving channel performance. 

Francesca Valli - COO

Enterprise transformation delivery practitioner, having led multi-£m programs delivering the target operating model underpinned by technology, internationally, with up-to-FTSE 10 clients.  

Exit strategy

  • Target 3-5X growth in valuation for Series-A raise in 2023.
  • FrontM operates in a very active M&A market, with numerous Service Providers & Maritime companies in acquisition spree (Llyods Register acquired HenseaticSoft - a maritime software business, Siemens acquired Mendix for $800M).
  • Target multi-fold ROI via partner/client acquisition in 3-5 year timeframe.


Len Quist - Senior Vice President and General Manager at Vikand Solutions

Len Quist, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Vikand Solutions a leading expert in global medical and public health solutions for the maritime industry, Fort Lauderdale, says: “Mobile technologies have increasingly become an important part of digitising and delivering healthcare, but it has been technologically challenging to bring that to remote locations including the maritime environment. FrontM’s low bandwidth design allows Vikand to provide medical consultancy via video, which is critical for medical providers. The cost effectiveness of the platform enables Vikand to reach a larger segment of the maritime industry. The flexibility and versatility of the communication platform together with the programmability to build EMR provides a more seamless experience for both the medical user and onboard” 

Working with

We work with leading global satellite communication companies, service providers and maritime companies. 

B2B customers and partners signed on long term agreements include Inmarsat, Thuraya, Vikand Solutions, Beacon Assist MACN, Berge Bulk, MSIShips, Marpoint, Gizat, Modulus, VMSSA. 

Fee summary

There will be a performance fee of 25% charged to investors upon successful exit whereby the investor receives returns above £1.20 per £1.00 invested.


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