Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS

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The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS represents an opportunity for private investors to participate in a selected portfolio of innovative growth companies, taking advantage of the tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

  • £20,000
    Min. Investment
  • Technology
  • EIS
    Fund Type
  • Evergreen
    Closing Date

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS focuses principally on three sectors:

• Energy and resource innovation

• Medical technologies

• Business enterprise and other high growth IT‑based technologies.

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is not an unregulated collective investment scheme.


  • Usually monthly EIS deployments
  • Deepbridge targets high growth technology companies seeking to commercialise and expand.
  • Focus investment areas include; energy and resource innovation, medical technology, IT-based technology and business enterprise / high growth.
  • No management fees levied on the investor, at the point of investment for subscriptions, which ensures up to 100% tax efficiency.
  • Investment into companies with proven technology, clear IP and those which are operating in a high growth/high value market sector.
  • Experienced and aligned management team who take a hands-on approach.

Market approach

Successful investment in emerging growth technologies requires an appropriate balance between entrepreneurial optimism and venture capital realism. Investors can be blinded by the potential upside in early stage disruptive technologies; however, seeing the path to commercialisation from a realistic standpoint demands an objective and experienced perspective from both the Manager and Investment Adviser.

The investment mandate of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is to identify Investee Companies that are in the early stages of their commercialisation, which either possess a particular innovation or product development, or utilise an innovative technology-based process, that has a significant high growth opportunity either in new or established markets. These companies can typically accelerate rapidly, generating better than average results within a medium-term time frame. The mandate includes companies which are driven by innovative technology, and where technology may merely be a tool to enhance value creation. Such companies may have or may apply innovative technological methods or processes whereby technology is not an end-product.

Deepbridge Advisers takes an active role (not just a Board seat) to guide, mentor and counsel the investee management team. The provision of hands on operational experience combined with financial expertise can materially mitigate the investment risk borne by the Investor, along with comprehensive due diligence on Investee Companies.

As well as taking a seat on the Board, Deepbridge will also provide Investee Companies with:

• Assistance in establishing controls and procedures and financial reporting at a standard required for exit

• Advice, guidance, mentoring to impart the wealth of experience Deepbridge has with a view to growing the company quickly, and more profitably

• Advice from and/or secondment of our team of experienced business builders

• Assistance in establishing worldwide distribution through our network of partners and distributors around the world.

Members of the Deepbridge Team possess a strong historical track record of building successful companies and delivering value to investors through all stages of growth.

Investment strategy

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS will only be invested in Investee Companies which propose to follow a conservative

business model that is in line with the investment strategy of the Deepbridge EIS. In doing so, Deepbridge intends to appoint one or more of officers from Deepbridge to the board of each of the Investee Companies, once the decision to invest in each such company has been made. Any decisions or actions required in relation to the investor’s rights and interests in the Investee Companies will be taken by the Manager, acting in its sole discretion. Deepbridge will provide monitoring services to each Investee Company, including appointing a director to the board to assist the Investee Company in delivering and monitoring adherence to, and compliance with, its business plan.

Key team

Ian Warwick - Managing Partner

A successful entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of leading private and public companies, Ian has successfully led the turnaround, re-capitalization and listing of several businesses, returning them to profit. He currently holds personal investments in a number of technology companies whose new products are in the proof of concept stage. He holds a Business Education Diploma from the University of Newcastle, and a Licentiateship (LCGI) (NVQ Level 4) from the Royal Navy.

Adrian Neilan - Investment Director, Technology

With a Masters in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and a MBA from Dublin City University, Adrian has considerable experience of working with tech-focussed innovations and developing digital strategies.

Adrian’s previous roles include 10 years as IT Director at Hewlett Packard followed by the role of CEO at the Irish Greyhound Racing Board, where he led the digitisation of operations.

Most recently, since 2014, Adrian has been Commercial Director at Trinity College Dublin.

Katy Levitt - Investment Manager, Technology

Katy is Investment Manager in the technology team at Deepbridge.  Prior to joining Deepbridge, Katy had been Investment Associate and subsequently a Senior Analyst with Syndicate Room.  Bringing years of experience of working with EIS qualifying growth-focused companies, and with a BA (Hons) from the University of Southampton, Katy works with Deepbridge’s portfolio of existing and prospective technology-based investee companies.

Exit strategy

Investee Companies will need to demonstrate a clear exit strategy in order to provide investors with their returns.

Deepbridge considers that flexibility is key, therefore the Deepbridge team will assess any opportunity to capitalise on exit opportunities, notwithstanding the three year EIS period, if an early exit is in Investors’ best interests.

In any event, by the end of the initial three year period, if not before, the Investee Companies should have established revenue streams supported by a three year track record. As such, Deepbridge believes that either a sale of the Investee Companies, or a sale or refinancing of the assets owned by the Investee Companies, will enable funds to be returned to Investors.

Fee summary

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is a manager fee‑free EIS opportunity at the point of investment for subscriptions received by a financial adviser. Investors are therefore not charged any manager fees at the point of investment, if subscriptions are received via a financial adviser.

For investors who invest through a financial adviser, upfront and ongoing manager fees are paid by the Investee Companies: this structure allows investors to enjoy up to 100% of EIS tax benefi ts and to have up to 100% of their investment actually put to work by the Investee Companies. In adherence to the Retail Distribution Review, an investor’s financial advisory fees can be met by either a deduction from their subscription or by direct billing arrangement with their financial adviser.

Performance incentive fee: an incentive fee of 20% of cash returned, in excess of 120% of the funds invested. Please refer to cost and fees section in the Information Memorandum for full details.


Investments in unquoted companies carries high risks and investors could lose all funds invested. Investors should not invest if capital is required in the near term. No established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies, making it difficult to sell shares. The value of tax reliefs depend on personal circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. The availability of tax reliefs depends on the Company invested in maintaining its qualifying status. Past performance is not a guide to the future performance of an investment, and investors are encouraged to take independent legal, tax and financial advice before considering an investment.


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