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Deepbridge IHT Service

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Important Information In relation to regulated business for retail clients, Deepbridge Advisers Limited (FRN:609786) is an Appointed Representative of Enterprise Investment Partners LLP "EIP" (FRN: 604439) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is a financial promotion approved by Enterprise Investment Partners LLP "EIP" (FRN: 604439) for the purposes of section 21 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

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An opportunity which intends for subscribers to obtain relief from Inheritance Tax after only two years, the Deepbridge IHT Service deploys into Business Relief qualifying companies that operate, and trade in, renewable energy generation assets. In doing so, it is understood that such subscriptions should be exempt from Inheritance Tax after just two years.

The Deepbridge IHT Service is specifically designed for individuals whose estate is expected to be valued significantly in excess of the Nil Rate Band for IHT, currently £325,000.

You should consider a Subscription in the Service as a long-term investment, and Subscriptions made by the Deepbridge IHT Service will be illiquid. It may be that your individual circumstances make the Deepbridge IHT Service unsuitable for you. You must seek advice from your Financial Adviser before making any investment decision.


  • Aim to deploy funds on a monthly basis
  • The Deepbridge IHT Service is free of fees to the Subscriber at the point of subscription.
  • Annual target return of 6%
  • Experienced and aligned management team who take a hands-on approach.

Investment strategy

The Service intends to invest in Trading Companies that operate renewable energy assets, which generate and export electricity and derive revenues from investment-grade counterparties, namely the UK Government, by way of subsidies where available, and the energy supply companies.

At the date of publication of the Information Memorandum, the Deepbridge IHT Service intends to deploy subscriptions in to a single BR-qualifying trading company, operating a portfolio of installation projects. Additional trading companies may be added to the portfolio without notice but Subscribers should anticipate being deployed in to just one company.

The Deepbridge IHT Service’s primary focus is seeking to mitigate risk wherever possible. In the main, risk is managed by the following:

• The Trading Companies will use some of the most proven renewable energy technologies; with thousands of hours of operational data, the machinery’s energy production should therefore be reasonably predictable. The manufacturers usually also provide product guarantees.

• The Trading Companies seek to avoid planning risk by developing projects only when required planning and environmental permissions etc. have been obtained.

• The Trading Companies aim to engage contractors which are well capitalised and will select them based on quality and experience.

• In addition to developing installations, the Trading Companies may also aim to acquire interests in installations that are already operating with demonstrable generating output.

• The revenue generation of the Trading Companies is, in part, derived from the identified energy subsidies, where available.

Exit strategy

Withdrawals will only be permitted by means of a Withdrawal Request Form submitted to the Investment Adviser in written form. Any gains on the withdrawal of your Subscription to the Service may be subject to CGT.

Withdrawals may be met by a number of ways, including matching exiting Subscribers with new Subscribers, or the Trading Companies using the cash balances generated from the assets to buy back the shares of exiting subscribers.

Withdrawal requests may be completed by selling your shares in the underlying companies which should usually take one to three months but may potentially take considerably longer. It is also anticipated, but not guaranteed, that withdrawal requests may be funded by bank refinancing of the relevant assets or funded by trading reserves accumulated by the Companies. 

Should withdrawal requests exceed the level of liquid assets, or the availability of inward Subscriptions, or exceed the available bank refinancing facility, the withdrawal requests may be met by asset sales or matched against incoming Subscriptions which could take considerably longer.


Investments in unquoted companies carries high risks and investors could lose all funds invested. Investors should not invest if capital is required in the near term. No established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies, making it difficult to sell shares. The value of tax reliefs depend on personal circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. The availability of tax reliefs depends on the Company invested in maintaining its qualifying status. Past performance is not a guide to the future performance of an investment, and investors are encouraged to take independent legal, tax and financial advice before considering an investment. Please refer to risk factors in the Information Memorandum for full details.

Market approach

The Subscription strategy of the IHT Service aims to achieve long-term capital growth from investing in Trading Companies that will acquire and develop renewable energy generating installations. The Trading Companies will be characterised

by a management team, a high degree of asset backing, and objectives based on Government subsidies for the generation

of renewable energy.

Key team

Ian Warwick - Managing Partner

Following a successful career leading a number of publicly listed technology companies in the UK and the US, Ian has since focused upon a number of commercialisation and turnaround opportunities, in the growth technology, biopharma and renewable energy sectors. Prior to the untimely death of Dr Franz Hammerschmidt, founder of the Deepbridge Renewables team, Ian was actively mentored for two years in technological innovation and development in renewable power generation. Ian was instrumental to the success of the first Deepbridge Renewable Energy EIS (now fully invested), and has also been involved in the assessment of a large number of hydro, wind and solar projects in Italy and Europe.

Andrew Hughes - Partner & Head of Renewables

Andrew heads up Deepbridge’s Renewable Energy ventures.  Andrew oversees identification, development and on-going management of all projects across the UK, currently focused on hydropower and wind turbines.  Andrew has over two decades of operational experience of managing teams and projects within the public and private sector, in the UK and globally.  Andrew regularly visits sites, manages timescales and works closely with all parties to ensure investors’ interests are looked after.

Paul Bowman - Investment Manager, Renewables

Paul’s responsibilities include identifying opportunities, gaining approval from the investment committee and participate in taking the project from origination through to financial close, covering all aspects of the development and financial processes.

A qualified accountant, working as a Finance Director in both the private and public sectors he has 20 years’ experience of working within the renewable energy sector. 


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Fee summary

The Deepbridge IHT Service is free of fees to the subscriber at the point of subscription. Charges for the services of the Investment Adviser are levied on the Trading Companies, by way of initial and annual charges, payable to the Investment Adviser.

Whilst most charges are not levied on Subscribers, but on the company(s) the Service invests in, the impact will be to reduce net assets of the company(s) the Service invests in and therefore the ultimate net returns to Subscribers.

Please refer to the costs and fees section in the Information Memorandum for full details.