Arrive RLC Ventures SEIS Tech Fund III

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RLC Ventures is a multi-award winning EIS and SEIS fund manager, with over 100 years combined experience across the investment committee.

  • £50,000
  • 30.03.21
  • Technology (Software)

RLC Ventures possesses a unique thesis, whereby it backs UK headquartered companies, with Global DNA.

It specialises in technology investments that are changing the worlds of Work, Play and Finance.

The fund has a track record of 3.8X return (TVPI) on investment, outperforming the 2.2X industry benchmark. Fund I was fully returned at a 2.6x cash-on-cash multiple to investors, and they achieved 38x on their most recent exit, (excluding tax breaks).

About the Fund

The latest SEIS Fund is always open to new investors. Investors that subscribe to the Fund are invested in a portfolio of 10-15 SEIS qualifying companies, typically within 12-15 months of investing. This Fund aims to return 2.6x the invested amount over a 5-7 year investment period. The Fund is suitable for those seeking a diversified portfolio of SEIS eligible investments, benefiting from attractive tax reliefs.

Prior to applying to invest, please ensure you have read all the information below and downloaded our Investment Memorandum.

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  • Unique Thesis – Focused on founders with Global-DNA and ambitions.
  • Multi-award winning - including Best SEIS Manager 2019.
  • Last Exit - 38x (In two-year period, excluding tax breaks).
  • Fund Track Record - 3.88x (TVPI)
  • Fund I - fully returned at a 2.94x realised return
  • Team have over 100 years investment experience - including 60+ personal and fund investments.
  • Venture Pledge – Only fund globally committing a portion of profits to charity

Investment strategy

RLC Ventures looks to invest in technology companies headquartered in the UK, with Global Markets Ambitions.

The fund looks to allocate investors subscriptions into 10-15+ SEIS eligible companies, with a targeted exit of 5-7 years.

The Fund will invest only in companies that are building towards the worlds of Work, Play and Finance.

The fund will only consider Software investments opportunities.

Selection of Existing Portfolio Companies:


- Greendeck

- Scribeless



- Condense Reality


- Crowd Data Systems

- Workscope

Key team

Reece Chowdhry - Partner

Reece is the Founder and CEO of RLC Ventures and an award-winning venture capitalist. Having previously been an EY Management Consultant, he launched RLC Ventures in 2016 and has continued to lead the fund's Investment Committee. In 2019 Reece was named in the top '100 Bame leaders influencing the tech sector' by The Financial Times, recognising his impact on the UK technology ecosystem. 

Jeff Chowdhry - Partner & Chairman

Jeff is a partner and the Chairman of RLC Ventures. He is a seasoned investor with over 30 years of experience and was previously in charge of over $5bn of AUM at BMO Global Asset Management. He appears regularly as a commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Michael Tobin - Advisor

As the former CEO of Telecity, Michael built the business from £6M market cap to a £2.6bn business. Michael has managed many successful exit strategies for organisations including; Pacnet, Itconic, Datapipe, and Basefarm.

Exit strategy

We look for a defined route to exit for any company we invest in. This could be a Public Listing, sale to strategic or secondary shareholders or an acquisition.

We expect to generate successful exits from the portfolio from year five onwards.

1. Liquidity: The realisation of gains for investors is typically achieved through the “exits” of some of the portfolio companies. These liquidity events occur when the company has achieved exceptional growth and increased its valuation significantly, thereby providing the Fund’s Investors with a multiple tax-free return.

2. Time: It is the intention of the Fund to realise the maximum number of successful exits from the portfolio between year 5 and 8 and distribute the cash gains to investors as it is generated.

3. Fund Return: The Fund aims to return 2.7x the original capital invested. This target return is considered to be the aggregate return of angel investments as an asset class.

Fee summary

The Arrive RLC Fund will not charge initial fees (0.00%) from Investors.

There is an Annual Management Charge of 1.6% per annum, calculated on the Subscription, for the first 3 years. For years 4-7 management fees are accrued and collected from exit proceeds.

After the 7th year there are no management fees. Management fees for the first 3 years are collected upfront from the Subscription Fees.

As a performance incentive, RLC Ventures will be entitled to a total performance fee of 20% of the returns to investors.

VAT is charged when applicable and RLC Ventures will reserve the right to charge each investee company due diligence fees, monitoring fees, administration fees custodian fees if applicable.


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