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  • £25,000
    Min. Investment
  • Technology
  • EIS
    Fund Type
  • Evergreen
    Closing Date

Amberside Capital have teamed up with Anglo Scientific to raise an Enterprise Investment Scheme fund, which will be making investments in technology companies that have potential to disrupt their markets and deliver significant growth potential and a credible exit for investors.

The Amberside Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund is investing specifically in technology companies that are solving global issues in security, healthcare, and communications.

The team at Anglo Scientific have a strong track record of building innovative, disruptive, knowledge intensive businesses. The Anglo Scientific portfolio of companies have between them raised investment of £88.5m and these investments are currently valued at £132.4m, though past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

Amberside Capital provide 1 page documents on each portfolio company. You can download these below.


  • Strong combined team of experts - Amberside Capital and Anglo Scientific
  • Knowledge Intensive Companies only
  • Full deployment in the current tax year
  • Investors will know the companies that will form part of their portfolio at the point of commitment
  • Rigorous Investment Committee approval process
  • Anglo Scientific have proven experience of selecting, nurturing, and exiting from EIS companies
  • Tax relief available on gross investment (less any fees payable to your Financial Adviser)

Market approach

The Amberside Knowledge Intensive EIS invests specifically in companies that are aiming to solve global issues with the use of defensible deep technology in 3 distinct sub-sectors: healthcare, security, and communications. 

Investment strategy

The EIS will invest in a portfolio of tech-based companies that are solving global issues in 3 main multi-billion-pound markets – security, communications, and healthcare. 

The criteria are as follows:

- Disrupt a large market: Is the company seeking to disrupt a multi-billion-pound market and are they operating in an industry where we think this disruption is appropriate; 

- Driven by world class technology: Can the innovative technology provide a radical difference in the market in terms of product performance and/or costs; 

- Knowledge Intensive: Is the company rich in defensible intellectual property; 

- High potential growth: If successful, does a company have the capacity to deliver over £100 million annually in revenues;

- Influence: Would the Fund have sufficient strategic influence on the direction of the company, either directly or via its Independent Co-Investors; 

- Limited Future Capital Requirement: Is the level of likely dilution from expected future investment rounds acceptable; 

- Feasibility and Execution: Do we believe the company’s (current or proposed) Board and management team will be able to develop its technology into a marketable product, successfully enter the market and achieve rapid revenue growth; and 

Key team

David Scrivens and David Lomas - Co-Founders and Directors, Amberside Capital

David Scrivens founded Amberside Capital with David Lomas. David co-founded execution only brokerage firm Clubfinance in 2002 which he sold to Wealth Club in 2018. Clubfinance was the agent for over £200 million of EIS and VCT client assets and at the time of sale was one of the largest VCT brokerages in the UK. David co-founded the advisory and financial modelling boutique, Amberside Advisors in 2004. Amberside Advisors employs over 30 people and delivers over 200 advisory and financial modelling mandates a year. David has an MSc in Management Science and Operational Research and a BSc in Economics, both from Warwick University. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales and a London Liveryman. 

David Lomas founded Amberside Capital with David Scrivens with whom he has worked closely since 2007. Prior to founding Amberside Capital, David gained valuable investment experience at Oxford Capital, Big Society Capital and Barclays Private Equity. David gained important insights into the dynamics, risks and success factors of early stage investing as the founder of tech start-up which created a buyer lead platform in residential property. David has been a director on over 23 investee companies. He has an MA in Economics from Edinburgh University. 

Douglas Dundonald - Director, Anglo Scientific

Douglas has over 25 years’ experience founding, building and investing in technology companies. Douglas is a founder and director of Anglo Scientific and currently chairs Radio Physics, Tharos and Ateria Health. Prior to co-founding Anglo Scientific, Douglas made a number of successful investments in software development companies and since founding Anglo Scientific has co-founded 6 companies including Radio Physics. Previously, Douglas served as an executive main board director of Anglo Pacific, a quoted (London and Toronto) public company. When an active member of the House of Lords, he held a position on the council of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee. He has been the honorary consul for Chile in Scotland for over 25 years and has excellent government connections both in the UK and overseas. 

Vito Levi D'Ancona - Director, Anglo Scientific

Vito has board and operating experience in fast growing technology companies. Currently chairman of Phasor Inc and Phasor Solutions Limited, and director of Anglo Scientific Ltd and Radio Physics Solutions Limited. He was CEO of Phasor before recruiting the current management. Before joining Anglo Scientific, Vito held C-level roles in a number of high growth technology companies such as Parpas (in Italy, China), Auton (acquired by Esprit) and Zimiti (acquired by Digital Barriers). Vito graduated from University of Florence with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management from London Business School.

Exit strategy

Exits will be sought after the minimum 3 year EIS qualifying period, although Investors should expect to hold their investments for 5-7 years. 

The most likely exit strategy is via a trade sale, MBO, or main market listing. Anglo Scientific have a track record of delivering exits for Investors, although past performance is not an indicator of future performance. 


Please see the Investment Memorandum for a full list of Risks. 


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