Frequently asked questions

Making an investment

Who can make an investment on the platform?

The platform can be used by financial advisers, paraplanners and individual investors. If you are a paraplanner, you will need to be linked to a registered individual in order to make an investment for a client. Go to the help centre to see how this is done or contact Individual investors will need to certify as professional, high net worth or sophisticated investor during the registration process.

What if I can’t find the investment I'm looking for?

We are in ongoing conversations with leading fund managers and will regularly add new investments and investment types to the platform. If there is a particular investment opportunity you have in mind that isn’t available, please get in touch with us at and we will look into getting the product listed.

Do you accept digital signatures?

Yes, our technology is designed to support digital signatures and we are currently working with both fund managers and custodians to accept these. Whether or not a digital signature is accepted on a particular application will be clearly noted in the final stages of the application process. If a digital signature is not accepted, then the digital application will generate a PDF which will need to be printed and posted to the manager.

What happens once I’ve submitted an application?

Once your application has been received and reviewed by the manager they will either accept or reject it directly in the platform and you will be notified by email.

Valuations and reporting

How will I receive up-to-date portfolio valuations?

The CoInvestor platform has been designed for fund managers to easily update valuations and upload documents directly and securely into the platform. We are working directly with fund managers to facilitate this process and ensure the timing is in-line with the managers’ reporting schedule.

Can I import past investment data into the platform?

We have the ability to import historical data into the platform and will charge a technical and consulting fee to do so. The costs and timeline will be dependent on the amount, quality and format of the data.

Fees and charges

Are there fees for an investor?

Setting up a CoInvestor account, making an investment and receiving valuations is all free of charge for Investors. We charge the Fund Manager a small fee to list investment opportunities and receive investments.

Are there fees for an adviser?

Setting up a CoInvestor account, adding clients, making investments and receiving valuations is all free of charge for advisers and their clients. We do offer bespoke technology solutions so please get in contact with us at if you’d like to learn more.

Security and regulation

Is personal information secure on the platform?

Your privacy is important to us and we take serious precautionary measures to ensure that your personal and/or your clients’ details are held in absolute confidence. All data is encrypted and stored on secure servers, independent security tests are conducted and advanced security features such as two-factor-authentication can be enabled.

Is CoInvestor regulated?

We are FCA regulated and maintain market leading security processes with enterprise grade data storage and security. Our systems and processes have been designed to remain compliant with changing legislation including GDPR and MiFID II.